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How to choose a suitable display stand for your 3D wood floor

by:SAFEKA      2019-07-06

There are many people who have been fascinated by this special painting technique of 3D. Recently, many people have got a chance to enjoy its great visual impact, and more 3D technical images are beyond our imagination. In the field of a wood floor, there is also a new dust removal technology. The application of 3D technology can achieve an excellent display effect as long as you can imagine and you have a display need. If we have our own wood floor, how can we buy such an elegant new display stand for 3D wood floor display?

In fact, the 3D wood floor display frame is not different from the usual patterned wood floor display frame. In essence, the appearance, the display method and the direction of the production method are exactly the same as that of the wood floor. People who like DIY can try to make one by themselves.

Although there is no difference in the production method and placement form, it does not mean that there is no difference in all aspects. For example, the display stand needs to have a more exquisite appearance and diversified color. Why is this? The color and style of the traditional wooden floor have already been fixed, and it can be said to tend to stable. But there is a difference in the style of different wood floors. It is not appropriate to conduct mass production. Therefore, it is necessary to make special designs according to the painting patterns and colors of the 3D wood floor of the customer so as to obtain a display method suitable for the 3D wood floor.


Those who have the ability to design and produce display stands can make a display stand on their own.

For the company that can't make a display stand by itself, we offer a wide selection of display stands with a great personality. You can have a look at them first. Welcome to contact us if there is no suitable one for you. We will offer you a tailor-made solution.

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