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Ceramic tile display frame should be new and develop more styles

by:SAFEKA      2019-07-09
Dong Peng, champion, Golden rudder, Marco Polo, Mona Lisa, Nobel, strong energy, O shennuo, Enoch, Europe and America, SMIC, Eagle card and so on. When I thought about it with my eyes closed, there was a tile brand coming. With the rise of the tile industry. Tile display stands are also facing more competition. This is no longer the beginning of the tile industry. The requirements for the exhibition stand are not so high. Now, more tiles are needed to set off the features of the tiles.

so you will see. Tile exhibition hall will be renovated every six months or a year. The tile display frame will be replaced every six months or a year. long period of static will lead to the aesthetic fatigue of customers. The exhibition industry needs more fresh blood. Now there are too many homogeneous ceramic tile display racks. The style is basically the same. There is also not much inspiration for tile designers to design more attractive display racks. This requires more financial resources and manpower. Introduce excellent design inspiration at home and abroad. Design a unique, absorbing tile display frame.

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