cardboard display boxes suppliers, wholesale cardboard counter display boxes, corrugated display boxes manufacturers
cardboard display boxes suppliers, wholesale cardboard counter display boxes, corrugated display boxes manufacturers

Professional Design Cardboard Display Box


Cardboard display box also called cardboard counter display, corrugated display box, carton display box, paper display box, paperboard display box.


Here are the advantages of our cardboard display box:

1.100% recycle, made of non-toxic, non-polluting, recyclable & eco-friendly paper raw matetial.

2. ISO9001, SGS certified.

3. Light weight, easy to assemble, supplied flat packed, assembled in seconds.

4. Free custom design options. Custom AQ, UV, or coatings, silver or gold-foil stamping, and embossing.

5. Branding and functional purposes (build your company’s branding), raise sales by simply being more visible to the consumer.

6. Independent in-house graphic and structural design. Up to six colors, using CCNB material in different pt and corrugated board in different ETC and #.

7. Develop a shopping experience in a retail environment, like candy promotionchocolate promotion etc.

8. Widely used in market, supermarkets, retail stores, advertising, shopping mall, promoting sales.

Cardboard Display Box for Candy

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Cardboard Display for Air Freshener Bottles

Cardboard Display Boxes for Air Freshener Bottles, cardboard pos display boxes factory, custom cardboard display boxes

Cardboard Display with Hook for Nail Polish

Cardboard Display with Hooks for Nail Polish, cardboard counter display stands, custom display carton box

Cardboard Display Box for CBD Oil

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Cardboard Display Box for Greeting Card

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Cardboard Display Box for Phone Case

Cardboard Display Box for Phone Case, corrugated countertop display factory, corrugated countertop display unit company

Cardboard Display Box for Food

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Cardboard Display Box for Lipstick

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Why Choose SAFEKA

Professional Cardboard Display Box Manufacturer in China since 2006.


* Shenzhen Safeka Display Co.,Ltd. was established in 2006 which has over 13 years experience of researching, developing and manufacturing cardboard display. 

* Our customers are from all over the world. Like one of Top 10 supermarkets in Germany.

* Our company has more than 200 professional employees and over 30000 sqm modern factory area.    

*  IS09001, RoHS, PFOS, SGS Certified.

* Strong production capacity, annual output are more than 2.5 billion pieces, exported to over 180 countries.

* Professional R&D team, 100% strict quality control.

* Own 50+ advanced printing machines, glossy&matt laminator, laminating machine, auto die cutter, CNC automatically cutting machine,Japan Mitsubishi 5-color offset printing equipment, Germany Roland 700, 900, brand-new CTP (Computer to Print), fully automated varnishing machinery, automatic mounting production line, fully automated punching machinery, fully automatic gluing production line etc.

* All of our cardboard displays products are 100% eco-friendly and recycled.

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