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Can the variant display stand still be used?

by:SAFEKA      2019-07-09

    The customer in Fuzhou called us yesterday. Previously bought Flip-page tile display frame tshirt due to human factors, a fulcrum of the display frame changed the bearing angle. Now that I have recovered manually, I ask if I can continue to use such an injured display stand? Here we give an official reply.

    Damage to the display frame due to some special reasons. Can we continue to use it? we need to decide according to the specific situation:

    Small display stand: for example, the company's: a single row of 6-hole portable tile display stand T501 or a small model of T565. Because of its limited bearing capacity, the center of gravity is relatively low. Therefore, in the case of certain damage, as long as it does not affect other factors such as the beauty of the product, it is not easy to cause personal and property damage. It is recommended to use it normally.

    For products like Fuzhou customers, his size has reached 3. 17 metres high. If one of the eyes is damaged, it can be used normally for various reasons. It is not recommended that we continue to use it. There are too many tiles hanging on T113. His weight is amazing. if he falls down and hits people, the consequences will be unimaginable. There is always nothing wrong with avoiding unnecessary risks. Don't save small money, spend big money later.

    In short, the destruction of the exhibition frame needs to be analyzed according to the specific situation. We should put the word safe first in our hearts.

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