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Build brand effect to help exhibitors gain a foothold in the Internet era

by:SAFEKA      2019-07-08

            Nowadays, the competition in the capital market is becoming more and more fierce, and the development of the exhibition company has also begun a new round of adjustment. As a former producer, it gradually changed into a brand independent. As a traditional industry that started soon in China, the market of the exhibition industry cares more about the advantages and disadvantages, and the industry is becoming more and more mature. the competition is not only the product quality produced by the company, but a comprehensive competition. The competition is the soft power of the enterprise. Brand building plays an important role.  
            Discover the brand value of the customer's demand component
            Once upon a time. The main strategy of brand promotion is a good idea plus a fine production level. Put on a large scale of advertising, wind and chaos. But with the advent of the Internet era, this way seems to be a little behind the times. This is because the information that is now available is simpler, cheaper or even cost-free. The amount of information users have every day is saturated. There is not much interest in advertising. If you want to succeed through traditional means of propaganda. Very difficult.  
            According to Nielsen's data (Leading global market research company) We can know that among the factors that affect the purchasing decision of the consumer, the merchant directly affects & asymp; 7%. Opinion Leader influence & asymp; 25%, word of mouth influence & asymp; 68%. In other words, word of mouth directly affects the sales volume of goods. For this reason, the exhibition rack company should provide more personalized customized services to customers, produce exhibition racks according to their needs, and improve the conversion rate. Let Customers remember you and promote you. Only in this way can your business occupy a strong position in the industry.  
            Promotion Channel is an important means of brand building
            Nowadays, customers like dogs purchase display racks not only compare goods to three, but even 30. This is because the market is now transparent. Information symmetry. So you can't cheat them. But the price is not absolute. For customers who recognize brands, they will not bring unnecessary risks to themselves in order to save the intermediate price difference (Guaranteed products, perfect after-sales service). They often record their own purchase experience after purchase, helping customers who want to purchase the company's display frame after purchase. Therefore, we must do a good job in user experience. The quality of the user experience directly determines whether your brand can be established.

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