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Behind-the-scenes heroes of the fresh air system Exhibition

by:SAFEKA      2019-08-03

    July 5, 2016- The 7 th new wind system Exhibition will be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. In order to allow ventilation and air purification in the Display Room'Overall solution'Professional platform is more professional. Xiamen Yidu showcase master is stepping up research and development. Make a super display cabinet that only belongs to the fresh air.

    In fact, there are many potential competitors in these 16 fresh air exhibitions. very strong exhibition supplier also came up with the design plan of the exhibition hall in advance. In the face of such a situation that is not good for us. It was adopted by unanimous vote at the top. Yidu resolutely felt that he was involved in the competition of the suppliers of the new air show. Why do we still decide to give action for the time when the wolf is more meat and less meat?

    First,'Energy saving •Environmental protection •Build the future' We are a little ashamed to see this theme, because in the early days of the company's development. The company also destroyed the environment in exchange for the development of economic law. So for the sake of energy conservation and environmental protection. I think it's time to do a part for the society to help our friends.

    Second, the development needs of the company. At present, the company occupies about 49% of the market in the exhibition. relatively good market environment has not yet been obtained. Facing the market pressure of the domestic exhibition giant and the competition of some foreign companies making display cabinets. The company hopes to achieve a breakthrough development through this opportunity, so that everyone knows that we should know that our products are not only of good quality, but also of critical vision.

    Third, opening up foreign exhibitions is the market. Because the focus of this exhibition is amazing. It will certainly attract the attention of many foreign exhibition enterprises and exhibition rack manufacturers. Our company wants to use this action to enter the big market of foreign exhibitions. Open the country. Sell the products all over the world.

    For this fresh air exhibition, our company is working with a new style and must win attention in this exhibition market to succeed. I hope you will cheer us up.

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