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Beef Up Your Footfall With Safeka's Cardboard Display


Facing fierce competition, each product in every industry is not easy to survive. It's vitally essential for companies to make sure their products stand out in the stiff competition. Using a custom cardboard display is one of the most effective ways to attract the attention of consumers. It is visually attractive with a better marketing edge and usually used to reinforce impulse buying.

When you consider choosing a corrugated display as promotional materials, how Safeka's 6 kinds of displays can help you increase sales? Let’s explore below.

SAFEKA -How To Beef Up Your Footfall With Safekas Cardboard Display

1.Cardboard Counter Display

It is a small type of corrugated display, which is mostly used on the checkout counter, counter table and store shelves in supermarkets promotion. Usually, it requires a support at the bottom. It is made from sturdy corrugated paper and features a simple folding design with pockets designed to showcase a wide range of products. It is extremely lightweight, easy to set up, and affordable. This tabletop corrugated display is the ideal counter presentation to place small items near the counter for those impulse purchases.

2.Cardboard Dump Bin Display

The dump bin, also known as a cardboard display, works well to catch the eyes of passersby. It looks like a big printed master carton with bin shape coming with a false bottom, which is great for everyone because it stands at a perfect height to grab attention. The shiny finish of the dump bin also makes it eye-catching and consumers will be more inclined to gravitate towards it. This cardboard dump bin display can be placed at point of sale locations to highlight inventory using the personalized header. With deep compartments and personalized graphics on the header, it is ideal for marketing.

3.Cardboard Floor Display

A cardboard floor display is referred to as shelf/tier display, pocket display or display with compartments, shipper display. It is a standard and simple cardboard display design with two sides walls, one header, and multiple shelves. Each tier of the floor display includes a personalized graphic that can be designed to coordinate with the imagery on the header. Several floor displays can be put together on a pallet in the middle of stores and put in a row on the aisle or in front of the checkout counter for a promotion event. This lightweight, floor standing design makes it an ideal POP fixture that can be moved about the retail store to determine the best location.

4.Cardboard Pallet Display

It is a kind of big cardboard display placed on the floor. Its corrugated material is extremely strong and durable. This corrugated pallet display has large panels that provide ample promotional space for logos and other custom graphics. Its large panels can be printed in full color with UV technology to make the brand messaging pop. Usually, the standard sizes of pallet display are 1200x1000mm, 1200x800mm, 1000x600mm, depending on the supermarket requirements and the limit of promotion floor areas. It is a terrific way to enhance the aisles in any retail establishment! 

5.Cardboard Power Wing Display

Known as the sidekick display, it is a cardboard display with plastic hooks or metal hooks for hanging products. Its frequently-used surface finish is glossy /matt pp lamination, UV varnish or aqueous coating. Most of this power wing display is pre-packed for quick setup. It has an attractive appearance and is widely applicable for health products, medicines, toys, wines, drinks, tools, baby products, clothes, consumer electronics, etc.

6.Cardboard Cutout Standee

Cardboard cutout standee can be cutouts or standees. In general, it is the freestanding floor display and POS advertising standee with the simplest structure in a big size. It is a flexible form of signage, ranging from around six inches tall to over 10 feet. Standee constructed from cardboard or foam board is a good option for very temporary indoor or outdoor applications. While they may be sturdy, this standee is delicate and is prone to damage by minor mishandling or consumers touching them. Due to its huge portability, it can be used for movie theater promotions, celebrity endorsements, children-focused marketing, and food and beverage promotions (an economical option).

As we know, the cardboard display is proven to be an effective tool in boosting sales while displaying promotional products to the customers. But there are 3 things that need to be taken care of, in order to ensure that the customers will still remain to be comfortable. 

1. Keep in mind that a corrugated display with accurate and well-written information, texts and images eventually will be able to grab the attention of customers, entice the customer to touch the product.

2. A cardboard display should be visually attractive. The colors, shape, design, and graphics should be able to have an optimistic and modern look that any age will look into. By placing products on the countertop displays that are usually exciting, cheerful, and attractive with retail, you are able to retain more consumers.

3. The small one works much better in appealing customers because they are right there when the customers are about to make payment. These measures can increase your market share, which will bring more revenue and profit for your business.

So, from the above introduction, are you ready to take your products displayed to the next level? Whether you're ready or not, Safeka is here to help. With 12+ years of experience in serving global customers, Shenzhen SAFEKA Packaging & Display Ltd can effectively balance the needs of customers while maintaining functionality to the end user. We are able to customize various kinds of cardboard displays that help boost sales and improve brand awareness for customers' products while continually adapting to a changing retail environment.

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