Basic knowledge of display racks

by:SAFEKA      2019-07-10

    With the increasing number of display racks and the increasing number of automated warehouses, the number of display racks is naturally increasing, and its additional functions are also beginning to be required, the role of combining practicality and beauty

    The functions and functions of the display frame are as follows:

(1) The display frame can make full use of the space position, improve the space utilization rate of the display area, and increase the display products of the display area to obtain more visual eyes.

(2) The goods are in the display frame and should have the function of convenient pick-up and easy to count and count the quantity.

(3) The products between the display racks do not exist to squeeze each other for easy cleaning. Such as daily dust and water dirt. Ensure the service life of the display stand.

(4) The last point is to ensure the mechanized operation of the product. Greatly save labor costs.

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