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Are you ready for the display details of the mobile phone store?

by:SAFEKA      2019-07-03

If you want the customers to feel the beauty and value of your phone, you need to do a good job in the display work. If the display of the phone is good, customers will be willing to buy it. Every customer has their own aesthetic attitude, so we should try to achieve a simple and natural mobile phone display. How to show mobile phones to attract customers? We should choose a beautiful mobile phone display stand to display the phone. And the placement of the mobile phone display stand should have a reasonable arrangement. The style of a good mobile phone display stand should be perfectly integrated into the decoration style of the mobile phone store, and it should highlight the characteristics of the mobile phone to attract customers.

The sense of excitement displayed

There are many ways to express so-called excitement sense, from the top and bottom of the display stand. We can know the characteristics of the displayed goods from various areas of the display stand. In the high area of the display stand, the customers can be attracted by the advertisement of the products on it and see the feature introduction of the phone. At the bottom, we can clearly see the introduction and promotion of other aspects of the phone. When people first enter the mobile phone store, it is easy to be attracted by the beautifully designed display. These displays have different display styles, making people sense the innovation and richness of the display.

The regularity of display displacement

If the display stand is placed chaotically, people may feel resentful and don't want to see it again, so it is necessary to pay attention to the arrangement of the display stand. There should be a certain spatial distance between different display stands so that there is no messy feeling. Different display racks should be placed differently according to the characteristics of the display stand. For example, some styles of display stands should be placed at the door of the store to attract customers. Some styles of display stand should be placed without blocking other display stands; Some styles of display stand are suitable for being placed in the center of the store; Some styles of display stand should be placed against the wall. Some styles of display stands should be placed close to the cashier. Moreover, the placement of display cabinets of some display accessories should not affect the display of the mobile phone. Display stands with different functions should be placed in a suitable position to ensure a comfortable feeling for customers.

Necessary guidance

When customers enter the mobile phone store, they begin to slowly explore the environment of this mobile phone store. When there is some guiding information, it will make it easier for customers to understand the situation of the mobile phone store. For example, promotional brands, clearly labeled brand-type labels, and Cashier's desk all are a good way to guide. Most customers have different preferences, so the customer base of different display racks in mobile phone stores is different, and the shopping needs of customers are also different. Therefore, after a period of display, we can divide the exhibition area according to the needs of customers. For example, we can divide the display area by price. By dividing the display area by price, there may be the following problems. If many low-cost mobile phones are displayed together, the display area may become a disaster when the customer does not want to purchase a poor quality mobile phone. It's best to put phones of different prices together for price comparison so that customers can see the difference in quality between expensive and lower-priced phones. In general, through this comparison, we can make it easier to reach a deal with the customer. In addition, we can also divide the area by appearance, brand, performance and other aspects. We can also categorize regions by brand and price at the same time, but we should not forget to provide obvious instructions on the display. If there are two different ways to divide the display area, we should leave a certain distance between the two display areas to prevent confusion.

When customers start observing the phone, they often bend over to look at the phone in the phone display case. If there is another customer behind him who is looking at the other side of the display cabinet, the two people's ass may touch each other, which may lead to a bad consumer experience. So we have to leave a little space in the display area for customers to bend down and observe the mobile phone products. In other words, we must not only consider the factors  of the display product itself but also consider the multi-variable factors of the customer, and then we should adjust the design and placement of our mobile display counter according to these various factors, so that the mobile phone display is more scientific and reasonable to offer customers a better buying experience.

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