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Appearance production requirements of metal Stone display stand

by:SAFEKA      2019-07-08
the design and production of metal Stone display stands should follow certain specifications. In this way, we can make display racks that meet customer requirements and meet the aesthetic of target customers.

1. the surface of the display frame should be smooth and flat without scratches; The surface coating should be uniform in color and color, and it is not allowed to have obvious defects such as bottoming, peeling and inclusion; Parts in contact with people in the display stand, no sharp corners and burrs are allowed.

Second, the adhesion of the coating should conform to gb/t9286-Grade 2 and above in 1998. The weldments should be firm.

3. all metal parts of the display frame should be treated with anti-corrosion.

4. the thickness of the coating of the main components of the display frame shall not be less than 40 μM; The thickness of the galvanized layer should be gb/t15675-7 in 2008. Requirements of 5; The thickness of the hot dip galvanized layer should be gb/t2518-7 in 2008. Requirements of 7.

5. the surface of the weld is uniform, and there are no defects such as cracks, unfusion, pores, slag, welding tumor, etc.

6. the hardness of the plastic spraying film should conform to gb/t6739-Grade requirements of h and above in 2006.

The six major points above are some of the criteria for the metal Stone display stand in the production process. Regarding the production specifications of wooden stone exhibition stands, I will open another post for detailed introduction.

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