why focusing on english writing skills is more important ... - retail counter

by:SAFEKA      2019-08-18
why focusing on english writing skills is more important ...  -  retail counter
People spend a lot of time and money learning spoken English online or through traditional English teaching resources.Many of them do not understand that written English is a necessary condition for excellence in both professional and professional terms.Even English illiterateEnglish speaking countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom speak English very well.
But the highest level of work they can get is a call center assistant or a retail counter clerk.Even in most call center jobs, one should be able to write notes in English and record them in a computer in an understandable way.When you climb the ladder of the company, your written English skills become very important.
Good writing skills are essential for professional growth.This is the core in writing resumes, communicating products with customers, and establishing customer relationships.As big customers prefer written proposals, good writing is essential for sales.
Even when writing a resume, clear and well written sentences highlight your experience, quality and character, and will give recruiters more confidence.However, the focus of most English training centers (online or traditional) is to teach spoken English rather than to develop the writing skills of learners.A person who wants to speak English fluently should know that he should have a good command of written English in the first place.
Once your writing skills are good, your verbal skills are automatically good.Writing in English requires a good understanding of grammar, vocabulary, and structure.A well-Structured writing can effectively convey its own ideas to readers.
Effective written English helps to browse ideas, feelings and opinions without confusion.Good writing reflects positive traits like self.Self-confidence, clear thinking, analytical thinking, etc.
Writing correctly will make you look smart and professional.Only when a person has a clear mind about what he has to convey can he write effectively.Effective written English can make your thinking process better.
What a person is talking about is the performance of his thinking process, which is developed by writing.Written English is useful in expressing concepts, knowledge, future strategies, etc.Suppose you are a team leader and are asked to submit an action plan or report on how to deal with the project, then your writing skills will help to submit the report and gain the confidence of the elderly.
The accuracy and clarity of ideas are important in writing.Because there is enough time to write, the quality standard is also very high.Good written English skills will almost automatically translate into good verbal skills unless you have language barriers.
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