what we consider garbage is just a waste: food network's bob blumer - retail display

by:SAFEKA      2019-08-22
what we consider garbage is just a waste: food network\'s bob blumer  -  retail display
When it's time to scrape the leftovers and bits and pieces from the cooking process into the trash, Bob Blumer likes to imagine him being watched.
"Every time I go to throw something, I stop and think for a while," he said . ".
"Do you know?
The last eighth of the onion can be used to do something.
Therefore, the end of the onion and the bottom of the bell pepper find the way to another dish --
A fried rice, soup or fried food.
This week, hosts of popular Food Network shows, such as surrealist cuisine, punishing Glutton and the world's weirdest kitchens, will hold two games in Vancouver
Day meetings organized by Vancouver Metro and zero waste Canada. —Nov. 8 and 9 —
Presentations and discussions on creating a circular economy through material and design innovation, business transformation and preventing food loss and waste.
Blumer will appear as an ambassador to Canada's largest food rescue organization, working to divert good food that could have been wasted on people in need.
His goal is to help people break the habit of waste, just as he does with all projects with a little Performing Arts.
"I like to give people creative solutions to use what they usually throw away," he said . ".
In a live show in the Creative City of Moses Zimmer, Blumer poured a bag of typical kitchen garbage on the stage, made with dirty pepper decoration, potatoes and broccoli "plus some items that have been used-by date.
"You won't save the world by saving this little bell pepper, but how you do small things is how you do everything," he told the audience . ".
"From the farm to the table, the entire supply chain wasted a lot of food," he pointed out as he cleared the pot he had just made soup with Halloween pumpkins. “More than one-
"Third, no one has eaten all the food grown, 40 cents of which are wasted at home," he said . ".
"Canadians live in an era of abundance and we don't stop and think about what we throw away.
But what we throw away is important.
Methane is produced by food and compost organic matter, which is a very effective greenhouse gas.
In 2015, the Vancouver Metro banned organic substances from waste logistics, but it is estimated that they still account for everything we send to the landfill.
Of course, food waste occurs at every link of the value chain, starting with the farm, where there is often over-production, during transportation, even in retail displays, said Lori nickkel, second Harvest CEO
Huge food waste when the store is over
They do this to make sure that the product is always stacked high.
People will walk through an agricultural shelf with only two heads of lettuce, because it doesn't have the opportunity to pick the best, which is what Canadian shoppers expect, she said.
Shoppers from different eras are likely to sprint to make sure she gets lettuce.
"We need collective consent and we should measure the cost of waste and the rest," Nikkel said . ".
"If we can transfer it to people, it will have a significant impact on society and the environment and a huge positive impact on business.
A detailed study of $31 in Canada
The Second Harvest and value chain management International will face a billion food waste later this year.
The conference also features: Arthur Huang, founder of Miniwiz, an award
Award-winning engineers and architects specializing in post-reuse
Waste of consumption of building materials.
Gede Leonhard is a futurist and a business and ethics consultant for more than 200 companies including Google, Roche, Cisco and KPMG.
• The developer who interrupted the design method, the founder of the award Leyla Acaroglu-
Winning the experimental education initiative of the school of disruptive design.
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