What Do the Numbers on Welding Rods Represent? - tensile strength of cardboard

by:SAFEKA      2019-07-25
What Do the Numbers on Welding Rods Represent?  -  tensile strength of cardboard
Welding Electrodes are stamped with numbers to identify the electrode types and features specified by the American Welding Association (AWS.The AWS number provides the welder with complete information about the electrode.The number of light or low alloy steel electrodes begins with the "E" prefix (meaning "electrode") followed by four or five-Numbers are in most cases.
The size of the bar is from 1/16 to 5/16, so the typical number represents the 1/8 E10011 bar.The tensile strength of the electrode is expressed in thousands of yuanThe pound is increased by the first two digits of four digits-Numbers and the first three of the five.digit number.If the number behind "E" is four digits and the first two are 50, then the minimum tensile strength of the electrode is 50,000 pounds per square inch.
If it's five-The numbers and the first three are 120 and then the electrodes are 120,000 psi.The next-to-The last number indicates where the rod can be used."1" means all positions, "2" means plane and horizontal positions, and "3" means plane welding.
The last figure tells us the type of coating and current on the electrode as shown below: 1 = cellulose sodium DC, 2 = cellulose potassium AC, DC, or DC-, 3 = sodium titanium oxide AC or DC-, 4 = iron powder titanium oxide AC, DC or DC-, 5 = low sodium hydrogen DC, 6 = low potassium hydrogen AC or DC, 7 = iron powder iron oxide AC, DC or DC-, 8 = iron powder low hydrogen exchange or DC.Special-Purpose: the electrode may have an additional combination of letters and numbers.The first letterThe digital combination represents the chemical composition of the weld and looks like A1, B1, B2, b3.
After that, an H number will appear, indicating how much hydrogen will spread when you use the rod.Finally, if the number ends with "R", this means that the rod can resist moisture
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