what a good ikea: swedish furniture giant set to produce 10,000 flat pack refugee shelters for un to replace tented cities across the globe - printed white flat pack boxes

by:SAFEKA      2019-08-25
what a good ikea: swedish furniture giant set to produce 10,000 flat pack refugee shelters for un to replace tented cities across the globe  -  printed white flat pack boxes
Swedish furniture giant Ikea will produce 10,000 flats
Packing shelters for UNHCR (UNHCR)
As a temporary residence for refugees around the world.
The "better sanctuary" will be launched on a large scale in 2013 after a successful trial on the Egyptian-Syrian border.
Hope is the apartment-
Pack home, which can be built within four hours without tools, will enable displaced families to endure desperate conditions.
The first mass shipment will go to camps across Iraq, two of which are in place.
5 million people were displaced by the conflict.
In a typical Ikea fashion, walls, roofs, floors, doors and windows are packed in cartons for easy transportation.
Residents will be very happy on the 17 th.
The 5sqm shelter is twice the number of refugee tents currently used by the United Nations and can accommodate five or six people.
Sean SKOS, director of the shelter and resettlement department at the office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, said they would improve the lives of thousands of people.
He said that the refugee housing unit is an exciting new development of humanitarian housing and is an urgent supplement to the housing options mobilized to help those in need.
Its deployment will ensure a significant improvement in the lives of many people affected by the crisis.
"Refugee camps are usually overcrowded, and the temperature in the tents fluctuates between the heat of the day and the cold of the night.
But special hope-
The designed sanctuary will end the severe environment with flexible solar panels on the roof, especially-
The walls made can transfer heat during the day and keep it in the evening. At 1.
They are 75 metres high enough for people to stand and even have lockable doors, ventilation, solar panels, mosquito nets and lights.
Mr. Scales said: "These units include the best elements of the tent, as it is in front of the tent
Packaging, the smallest weight, the production meets the core standards, but also rigid, self-
It provides more personal safety and dignity for its occupants.
The shelters initially cost around £ 5,000, three times as many as UNHCR's standard tents, but are designed to last at least three years in harsh climates, compared with a life expectancy of six months.
The company hopes that in mass production, the price of each product can reach around 655.
Ikea's philanthropist Foundation helped fund the initial project, while Sweden-
The organization called the Refugee Housing Unit has been working with United Nations agencies to design.
Jonathan spapinato, head of strategic planning and communications at the Ikea Foundation, said they are proud to help rescue efforts.
"Putting refugee families and their needs at the heart of this project is a good example of how democratic design can be used for humanitarian value," he said.
"We are very proud of having a better home now so that refugee families and children can have a safer place to call home.
"Elsewhere, the Norwegian Refugee Council is experimenting with similar structures in a refugee camp in Jordan, where there are also a number of Syrian families living in container houses provided by Gulf donors.
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