Understanding the Ingredients in Tattoo Ink Before Getting Yourself Inked - how to make a cardboar

Understanding the Ingredients in Tattoo Ink Before Getting Yourself Inked - how to make a cardboard stand

by:SAFEKA      2019-08-06
Understanding the Ingredients in Tattoo Ink Before Getting Yourself Inked  -  how to make a cardboard stand
Modern-Permanent tattoo ink contains ingredients that can cause serious health problems, from rashes to cancer.You need to know what is the compound used to color the ink and what is the carrier solution.Soccer player and model Fredrik Ljungberg for Calvin Klein underwear has blood poisoning and has to remove lymph nodes due to tattoos.
Tattoos are one of the most popular body art in the world today.Usually, it is a design or text written on the body.Tattoos can be permanent or temporary.Permanent tattoos are etched on the skin by putting a needle on the top of the skin to inject tattoo ink or paint and use the hand-held machine.
So in the process of getting a tattoo, your skin is exposed to external factors such as tattoo ink and needles.This is why the composition of the tattoo ink and the cleanliness of the needle should be carefully checked.Here we will tell you about the ingredients of the tattoo ink and their impact on health.
Many companies did not disclose the ingredients of the tattoo ink they made, calling it their "trade secret ".However, according to the report of the European Commission, about 40% of the colorants used for permanent tattoos are not suitable for cosmetic purposes on the skin.In fact, they should be used as ink for printers or paint for cars.
It was also found that the content of a carcinogenic aromatic amine was slightly lower than 20%.The main ingredient of tattoo ink is the pigment and carrier solution that gives color.Heavy metals are used in these pigments.Red mercury.Lead in yellow, green and white.CD in red, orange and yellow.Black nickel.Zinc in yellow and white.Green Chrome.Blue cobalt.Green and purple aluminum.White titanium.Copper in blue and green.Iron in brown, red and black.The color of BA is white.Antimony, arsenic, beryllium, calcium, lithium, selenium and sulfur are other elements used to color pigments.
The colors of yellow, red, green and blue use some metal oxides such as ferrous blue and iron salt.Sometimes, no azoThe colors of orange, brown, yellow, green, purple and naptha use chemicals and Red uses derived chemicals.Carbon soot is also used in black.\ "The substances found in the ink may be part of the cause of skin adverse reactions caused by tattoos.
The composition of the tattoo ink will be allergic to the skin.Some people may have a rash, while others may feel itchy at the place where they are tattooed.Tattoo ink contains hydrocarbons, especially black ink, which is at risk of cancer.
One of these chemicals, benzo (A) pyrene, has A potential carcinogenic effect.It causes skin cancer in animal trials.After the tattoo, the inner layer of the exposed skin may be infected, resulting in redness and pus oozing.The tattoo ink contains a chemical substance, O-benztwo ester.
If the fetus and the baby are exposed to this chemical, serious health problems may arise.Therefore, contact with tattoo ink should be avoided for pregnant women and nursing mothers.Studies have shown that ink enters the lymph nodes of the body, which is part of the mechanism by which the body filters to cause microbial disease.
Heavy metals found in pigments are toxic.
They penetrate directly into the cells of the skin and cause damage.They can improve the body's immunity in March, leading to serious complications such as cancer, Alzheimer's disease, dementia, arthritis, and can also lead to diseases related to the kidneys, circulation system and nervous system.It was also found that when people with tattoos perform an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) test, they suffer from burning pain at the tattoo site during the test.
Needles injected into the skin with ink can also be carriers of infection, leading to diseases such as HIV/AIDS, hepatitis B and C, syphilis, etc.Before you get a tattoo, insist on knowing the ingredients of the tattoo ink.It is best to choose vegetarian, herbal or organic tattoo ink.
If you already have a tattoo, detox your body regularly to avoid any complications
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