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Types of Heavy Stock Paper - cardboard greeting cards display

by:SAFEKA      2019-08-18
Types of Heavy Stock Paper  -  cardboard greeting cards display
People make menus, business cards, greeting cards, boxes, paintings, matting and crafts with a lot of paper.Items such as menus, business cards and greeting cards require a beautiful and durable piece of paper as people move and process finished products.The box requires a solid and durable bulky stock paper, so it can hold the weight of the item placed inside.
Artistic papers created for painting, matting and crafts need to be sturdy, durable, attractive and accept materials such as paint, marking and glue.The weight of a piece of paper lets you know what it is.Standard 20-lb.Such as making flyers or memos, weight paper is used when printing.
Letterhead used 24-lb.
Paper and envelopes 28-lb.
Use 65-heavy stock paper, 80-, 100-and 120-lb.paper.The paper numbers that fall in these numbers are called cover stocks.The cover material is heavier and significantly heavier than the standard print paper.
People use the cover stock of folders, business cards, greeting cards and postcards.Hanging paper is a thick and strong piece of paper that is not easy to tear.It is sturdy and waterproof.The store uses label paper as a price tag on their products.
The surface of the label paper is smooth, matte, and some types of labels have a smooth surface on one or both sides of the paper.The standard weight of the tag paper is 65 lbs.But it has a heavier weight.The poster board is a bulky piece of paper similar to the tag paper, but it has a larger piece of paper.
There are several sizes for this paper, but the most common one is 24 by 36 inch.The good quality poster board weighs 65 lbs.or higher.It is thicker than the label paper, but the fiber is not so hard pressed.
This makes it easier to tear paper.
The school uses the poster board to display the school program or make a logo.It is slightly waterproof, but the tag paper is better resistant to water.Pen, Pencil, marker pen, temper paint or acrylic paint work well on the poster board.
If you use a permanent mark on the poster board, it will penetrate to the back of the paper.Board paper is a heavy-duty raw paper used to bond several layers of thick and heavy paper.This gives more power to paper.This kind of paper is generally used in packing boxes.
Boxes made of this paper support heavy items.Cardboard is usually called Cardboard or cardboard.People use cardboard as the back plate of the frame and use this material to make craft items.
It is easy to accept glue, paint and other process materials without damaging the paper.Art paper has a wide variety of weights from 20-lb.to 180-lb.paper.The content of many art papers is very high.
This means that there is fabric fiber in the paper, which makes the paper heavier and stronger and allows it to easily accept any type of water medium.Watercolor paper, Bristol cardboard and print paper are all heavy-duty paper for many art activities
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