Top 10 Ways To Irritate Your Visitors - pop up exhibition counter

by:SAFEKA      2019-07-24
Top 10 Ways To Irritate Your Visitors  -  pop up exhibition counter
I think I'll share some of the ways I 've found to irritate tourists and drive them away to save money for your hosting bills.These tips do not conform to the order depending on their validity...I think I'll share some of the ways I 've found to irritate tourists and drive them away to save money for your hosting bills.
Depending on their validity, these tips are not arranged in order, but #1 is by far the most effective.To achieve a 100% effect, use either of these three technologies.1.Install a script to disable the right mouse button for everyone.
When someone tries to correctClick, be sure to pop up a very insulting warning accusing them of trying to steal your secret HTML code.Disabling the right button will allow you: it's true that visitors can do all of these things using the button at the top of the browser, but, maybe they won't know that, when you disable their dangerous rights, they leave as you wish --click button.2.Create a very long page and then start playing your favorite songs and place the stop and volume controls at the bottom of the page.
This will ensure that they do one of the following: 3.Decide in advance what screen resolution the visitor must use to see your page.When they have to scroll from one side to the other to read informative sentences, it is definitely a great way to get rid of them.
You can make this 100% effective by making your page so wide that no display can be displayed.4.Truly professional irritator won't just be content with a humble browser pluginin.Go and buy gold.Use a few bloated pluginsNo one has installed ins.
This should drive away all the newbies as they usually don't even know how to install a pluginThree fewer.Experienced surfers are happy to spend 20 minutes installing the pluginView your unique content.5.When visitors arrive at your site, be sure to pop at least two ads behind their browser window and at least two in front of their window.
This will give them a lot of choice as they are already irritated and don't want to leave right away.More importantly, after all your efforts, the way you treat difficult cases that appear on your site occasionally.Remind them never to come back when they leave.
Start popping up on their display and the window will multiply every time they try to close it.6.Registration is very slow-Load the hit counter and put the button inside the table so nothing will appear before hittingCounter response.This may be the best way to prevent visitors from stealing you, because it even prevents them from reading your content, or it may prevent them from entering the content into their website from memory.
To work reliably, you must avoid putting the height and width into the call to the hit counter drawing.Not only can you insert a click counter button, but you can also insert a long string of banner exchange banners to improve the effectiveness of this technology.7.For visitors who accidentally enter your ezine subscription form occasionally, don't be afraid.
Nothing was lost.
You can still get rid of them by asking a lot of personal questions.Don't just ask for their email address.Ask about their mailing address, phone number, gender, age, hobbies, religion, race, and some other things that are best not to discuss here.This technology is equally effective when applied to orders and minimizes your travel to the UPS office to ship products.
Splash page.
You have to have a flash page.
A lot of slow-loading animations.
If you can combine this with the requirement to download another obscure pluginYou will hit the home run.I was particularly impressed with many sites that raised the stakes before you entered the first content, including two splash pages.Stunning!Brilliant!9.Reconfigure the browser window of the visitor.
This will drive them crazy!People hate it when you run the script on the page, which expands the user's browser window to populate the entire screen, and then cancels all browser toolbar functions, such as navigation toolbar and location toolbar 10.In the end, a man who is old but good.Darken your background and brighten your text with a shadow or two.This makes it impossible to read your text and they will get you out of the visitor before the visitor has a chance to block your server log.
If this cannot be done on your website, use another technique to put most of your content in a PDF file so that visitors have to download them and launch another application.Very effective.Did I mention that all these cool ways to irritate visitors are working better in getting rid of people looking at your site in places like Yahoo, look smart and other directories, have you paid a lot of money to these directories to view your website and add it to their directory?I hope this will help you with your future marketing decisions
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