tips for packing table top displays - - cardboard pop up display

by:SAFEKA      2019-08-19
tips for packing table top displays -  -  cardboard pop up display
When you transport trade exhibition, the first thing you care about must be to make sure the unit arrives safely.The degree of danger caused by transportation is different from the method of transportation.A professional shipping company, if appropriate warning is given to the value and fragile nature of the goods, can be a good way to protect the safety of the goods.
The biggest danger comes from bad shipping companies, casual airline baggage personnel, andIt means that the owner of the pop-up display is getting the wrong education.Whether you're shipping your desktop display by air, land or your own car, these important tips can save your trade show from serious damage.Investing in a good suitcase for each trade show exhibition, many companies are reluctant to buy professionally made boxes for pop-up exhibitions.
In some cases, they think these units are too expensive to avoid them because they don't think they are worth it.In other cases, this basic protection device is not considered at all.When you buy a desktop monitor, you have to consider whether you should buy a box.
A well-Compared to any number of other packaging materials, the boxes made are always better able to protect your unit.The reason for this is that a case will be customizedFits your desktop monitor while anything else needs your pop-up monitor to fit in.A box is designed to control the power of your booth;It's not enough to pack peanuts and cardboard.
In general, the only reason to reject a case purchase is if you are buying a repeat trade show exhibit that is exactly the same size as you already have.If this is the case, you can share a case between the two of them.If the carrier does not have a professionally manufactured container for any reason, you have to improvise, then it is impossible to use what material.
Avoid shipping fragile items such as banner stand or pop-up display if possible.If you are going to catch a plane to attend a meeting, you should treat them as something to carry with you instead of checking them unless they are too large.If they are too big or too heavy, your next option is to wrap them very carefully.
The packaging of a typical desktop display will use several different materials.Packing Peanuts: These foam plastic noodles are poured around fragile objects to absorb bumps and protect them from damage.They should never be placed directly on the visible surface of the trade show exhibition without some kind of covering, because if the internal pressure is on the surface for a period of time, they may leave traces.
Wrapping paper: this heavy brown paper helps protect your equipment from minor scratches and damage caused by the packaging material itself.It should be attached to every important surface.Packing tape: the cardboard should be kept together using heavy tape.
Do not place the tape directly on your device as it can cause damage.Shielding tape: actually designed for any surface but still should not be placed on your actual booth.It should also not be used for sealing the box or for any task that requires tight hold.
The ideal packing work will combine all of these elements to ensure the safety of your booth.Please keep in mind that the specific details will vary depending on what kind of trade show you have, how big the show is and how much the show is.If you do not want to buy special travel containers, you should develop a relationship with a good local shipping company.
They can point you in the right direction in materials and packaging technology to help ensure your package arrives in good condition
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