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theatre review: beware the jabberwock - cardboard cutouts

by:SAFEKA      2019-08-21
theatre review: beware the jabberwock  -  cardboard cutouts
To Feb.
York theater starts at $22 from the theater, as in life, and there were things that looked like a good idea at the time.
Jabberwoky from Calgary's old trout puppet shop must be one of them.
Lewis Carroll's jabberwoky is a nonsense poem Carol finds through the mirror and Alice there, his 1871 sequel to Alice in Wonderland.
Alice found out that the poem was written backwards and held it up in front of the mirror and it said, "that's great, in wabe, the slippery toves/do gyre and/green-haired pigs go home and scream.
A father warned his son, "be careful of jabberlock ! "
The son, ignoring dad's advice, took "his vorpal sword" and went on to find a way to kill the horrible monster.
"Frabjous day!
Father laughed. “Callooh! Callay!
Despite the surface of the plot, Alice was completely puzzled.
Not so much trouble, they fleshed out the poem and its production
Expressed with characters and storylines, but without dialogue, created their own world of nonsense from Carol's story.
As they have shown in their previous visit to Kuchi, the concept of the puppet at Trout is eclectic.
There are two characters here-
Size Cardboard cut by four actors
The size of the puppet manipulated by the actor while rolling on the wheeled platform, giving the mask-wearing actor himself (
Nicholas di gartano, Teddy Ivanova, peitu Kenderes, Sebastian Crohn).
There is no doubt that their role is rabbit.
The storyline includes the rabbit dad leaving home with his sword and armor and going home to be defeated, the little rabbit takes the challenge but may be commonopted (
I got here)
Emergencies in urban life and the temptation of family life. Or not.
The style of the show is partly based on Victorian models: a toy theater made of cardboard and a rolling panorama.
Most colorful sets dragged up and down by actors are coated with cardboard, and the settings are indicated by hand-painted canvas reelsCrank on stage.
If there is no dialogue, we will get a silent movie.
Like a cartoon clown show, Jonathan Lewis's vivid and exquisite sound design fills the sound space.
Several sequences resonated with me: a clever visual composition, the rabbit watching mom and dad make love to the rabbit;
The amazing scene at the Bunny prom
A bully rabbit who constantly tortured our heroes.
Jabberwoky's goal is for adults and not children, and Monty Python seems to have inspired some moments --
A huge hammer hit a cardboard and an actor dressed up as a sperm danced a stupid dance.
But more so, it feels like a relatively mature high school drama.
Carol has 28 lines of poetry.
The old Trutz game lasted 70 minutes.
Jabberwoky was created collectively by the company and is also guided collectively. And it shows.
Still, the actors had a good time, and the audience on the opening night cheered at the end, although the whole process was quiet.
From Here to Spain and France, the performance has been going on.
So maybe I missed something when I said "watch out for Jabberwock.
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