The Latest Developments in printing in fabric - custom point of sale displays

by:SAFEKA      2019-07-21
The Latest Developments in printing in fabric  -  custom point of sale displays
For more than ten years, there have been many developments in fabric printing procedures.Screen-Printing fabric with a flat screen is still a good choiceUntil recently, technology has been established to apply color and design to fabrics.This process is suitable for medium and large operations.
In contrast, rotate the screenTried printing for a lot of runs.The installation cost of engraving and production screens is quite high, but this is the most economical due to the scale of the operation.It is not economical to use both methods for fabric printing.
This makes the dash very expensive because the setup cost is high and in the banner and banner market the dash is usually either hand printed or the app?D or embroidery.A new method of fabric printing followed.Digital fabric printing has introduced a whole new idea to do small runs at a cheaper cost.Due to the continuous development work of fabric manufacturers, printing digital to fabrics made of polyester fiber has now reached a new height, and they focus on this printing on fabrics.
Amazing answers are now being implemented on fabrics, which can be observed in the wide application of flags, banners, artists?Canvas, exhibition graphics, Mobile Display, stretch display system, theater background, point of sale display, household items, blinds, etc.Fabric print of this productThe increasing scope of application requires us to conduct careful research and development.This ensures that the fabric performs well when used on many digital presses, because the ink mixture in the dye is largesub water-Basic inks for UV, solvent and latex inks.
Printing fabric using dyesub water-Directly based on the complex chemical reactions that polyester textiles need to be applied to the fabric to ensure that the printer gets the ideal efficiency from the ink, machine and rip used.Then this will give hi-Def, colorful, can be printed on various types of fabric if necessary.Although dye-SubSilk Sydney is most likely to produce the largest results in UV inks, which means that results have improved significantly in recent years.
You can now use the ink printed in textiles.In addition, with latex ink technology, we know that there is ink that is useful for textiles now.This is more proof of the importance of fabric for digital printing in the case that textiles are changing traditional media such as PVC.
Machine and ink manufacturers address this challenge by owning machines and inks.Today, the latest development is the entrance to two new environments --Fabric-friendly material--Cotton (Cotton) and black (hemp ).Due to the increase in landfill tax, the need for biodegradable and compostable fabric printing is becoming more and more valuable.
This is especially important for companies that are aware of the growing demand for more green products
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