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The Facebook Conundrum: When Transparency Trumps Privacy - book stands for display

by:SAFEKA      2019-08-04
The Facebook Conundrum: When Transparency Trumps Privacy  -  book stands for display
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has publicly admitted that the company has made many mistakes in privacy protection.Privacy is not so important for the vast majority of Facebook users.Like most people in the world don't.That's the case, because in most cases people don't have much to hide.
People usually equate privacy with the security of personal thoughts, opinions and "secrets.They usually don't extend the concept of privacy to include what hobbies they like, what products they buy, and what TV shows they watch.While this is Facebook's "privacy" area of greatest concern and one that is most willing to take advantage of its current and future profits, some people will be easily confused, afraid to think that their personal Facebook posts will become public knowledge in some way.
Despite recent evidence that Facebook is too smart to put personal communications at risk of mass disclosure.But the company is definitely doing everything it can to ensure that its partners and advertisers get the most useful access to the types of personal information that are most important to profitability as much as possible.Personal information creates detailed information about individuals as consumers.
Once advertisers and corporate entities have established and reviewed the profile, they have the internal information they need to build products and services that suit your lifestyle.They still need to find one less.than-Direct and seemingly "natural" means of selling these products to you, but this is another problem that Facebook will have to solve in the future.At the moment, the company is content to let users not understand them, or simply do not want to spend the time necessary to understand their privacy settings.
In both cases, Facebook is eating cake.
It provides users with a variety of levels of privacy, all of which may be micro-Manage the privacy settings to an irrelevant level of detail.The reason for this structure is to ensure that the vast majority of users leave as much information as possible for Facebook's partners to use, and to promote the terrible "third party" as this painful and boring privacy debate takes place, we will hear a lot.Facebook has succeeded in creating the global social network that many people have envisioned since the birth of the Internet.
globally, it is still in its infancy.
But the problem with it is that it is also a global company with hundreds of employees,Billions of dollars in valuations, huge investors, and a lingering question of how all of this will be equivalent to the huge profits of the company and its partners.Facebook is a profitable company that can remain profitable indefinitely.But it is impossible for the capitalist greedy machine to look at Facebook and not be overwhelmed by its potential as a tool for marketing, sales and consumer access.
Facebook would be nice to be transparent --It simply clarifies its profit agenda rather than focusing on privacy issues.As most people define, privacy is not really a problem here.More importantly, how much information do you want to share with businesses that want to sell your products.
Facebook should simply state that it intends to build relationships with trusted advertisers and partners who are trying to learn more about individual consumers who use Facebook.They want to be able to use the data they collect to create and sell products that Facebook users/consumers will buy.The formula is simple.Facebook has failed to explain the dynamics, making it vulnerable to fear and libel campaigns around privacy issues.
Obviously, Facebook will lose credibility and millions of users if private information is really at risk of being "publicly.Public knowledge is different from public companies that use Facebook user information as a tool for marketing and consumer research.While many people may not be able to deal with the difference, most people will solve the problem once and for all.
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