store fixtures - - free standing display

by:SAFEKA      2019-08-07
store fixtures -  -  free standing display
Good quality store fixtures and good store designin-hand.A well-designed retail environment can only be achieved by coordinating space and organizing with key display devices and cleverly considering product portfolios.Here is a compilation of key store display devices used in retail stores that represent the basic tools of retailers.
Garment Rack -A multi-The purpose of the display is to sell and organize the cross-bar of the inventory quantity.Traditionally, the clothing rack has wheels, which are often present in the clothing area, for transporting clothing from the manufacturer to the retailer, or for displaying showroom samples.Today, clothing racks are often usedStore display because of its simple function;They are easy to operate in the store, which makes it particularly useful when a space needs to be reorganized for a quick retail makeover.
Round Rack -This is a free standing display with a fixed circular track supported by four legs.It is perfect for use in a larger space where it can reach the item at 360 degrees and is especially suitable to concentrate a lot of stock on hangers.2 racks and 4 racks-This upright floor display has two or four hanging rails/arms supported by a central bar.
The arm can be straight or oblique, and the hanger can be supported with a DingTalk.This fixture is independent and allows full 360 degree access, but only takes up a small amount of space in the store.Combinations, settings, and coordinates are perfect for this type of display.
Hanging basket display-This static floor monitor can be easily customized using a variety of display accessories.The panel is made of solid melamine laminate with grooves that can be slotted with a wide range of optional brackets.The exhibition can be used for a variety of purposes including jewelry and accessories, clothing and shoes, etc.
According to the display attachment of your application.Display-The display case is ideal for storing and safely displaying small and valuable items including jewelry, antiques and artifacts, and it also prevents the loss of inventory in larger, more conspicuous items in the store.Mannequins -There is no ability to show beyond the imagination of a stylish mannequin.
When it comes to fashion clothing, the first impression is strong.If not an impression or fantasy of projection, what is fashion?Presenting a mannequin provides a means for fashion retailers to visualize their image and dress effectively.Human model is life.Dimensions, a 3D model of the human body constructed of fiberglass or other composite material specially designed for the display of clothing.
They are provided in the form of men, women and children and in a variety of fixed or adjustable poses.The mannequin can also be provided in the form of a real depiction of the appearance or a highly stylized form, with or without the head.Dress Forms -Women's, men's and children's size clothing is an enduring classic style.
They exude an almost Victorian charm, and they remain the enduring icon of the fashion world because of their unparalleled practicality.Formal and closely related body forms are usually shown only from the neck to the hips.It is headless, has a fabric cover of thin flocking, adjustable in height and is set on a sturdy base with casters for easy positioning.
The neutral shape of the skirt and the surface of its pointed tops allow the clothes to be arranged perfectly, and remain one of the best fixtures to show the skirts, tops and jackets.-Good commercial retail space has a strong impact on the way potential customers perceive products.This is an introduction point between your product and the consumer, and will inevitably post information about the value and quality of the product you provide.
Choosing the right retail store fixtures and creating the right environment for the sale of goods is an important part of the retail fashion business and an important part of the selection of clothing sales series
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