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Spring Cleaning Teaching Tip - stand up cutouts

by:SAFEKA      2019-07-28
Spring Cleaning Teaching Tip  -  stand up cutouts
Okay!It\'s Spring!It's time to clean up!Painting the house, planting new flowers and/or cleaning the garage;Involve the child in cleaning the room, closet, classroom or anything related to your situation.Here are some suggestions to try to reduce the complaints and complaints that will definitely come up: 1.Spring cleaning day is recommended and ask about where the classroom, house or room needs cleaning most.
Write down a list of these target areas, possibly project areas, books or game shelves, sink areas, etc.Tell individuals or groups of children that they are now responsible for keeping one of the areas clean.To remind them, they will have an art project and make junk creatures!2.
Both sides of the Brown-Paper lunch bags for kids to paint crazy little animals.They can color or color features.Let the bag dry if painted.3.At the same time, tear the newspaper into small pieces.Fill the child with dry bags until they are rounded and close the opening with rubber bands or ropes.
Make hair with creases or yarn and glue such as buttons, fabric scrap, ribbons to "dress up" small animals.5.Design the foot and cut out two animals from the building paper.Stick them to the bottom of the bag so that the junk can stand up.
How about making signs with small animals?Use slogans such as "be careful with junk animals!"Or" It hurts every bit of garbage.\ "Stick them to a manual or popsicle with tape or glue, or use a pencil to get them through.7.If your project is in progress, wear a smiling face or sad face every day to describe how it is progressing;You can draw or use stickers.
This will track how clean or messy the specified area is.Maybe individuals or groups that clean up his/their area first can get rewards.8.Follow up by asking which areas of your school or community can use good cleaning.
Can you start or participate in school or community cleaning day?The idea will certainly complement one unit of the environment or pollution.Hope these ideas are useful and ignite your own creativity!
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