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S.F. puts cell phone radiation law on hold - cigarettes display for sale

by:SAFEKA      2019-08-20
S.F. puts cell phone radiation law on hold  -  cigarettes display for sale
University of California, BerkeleyMoskowitz, Ph.D is the director of the Center for Family and Community Health.University of California, BerkeleyMoskowitz, Ph.
D is the director of the Center for Family and Community Health.San Francisco has rarely avoided legal disputes over spending cuts.edge laws -Whether it's Walgreens suing for banning the sale of cigarettes in pharmacies or restaurants or bringing the city to court for requiring employers to provide medical insurance.
But the first one in this cityof-its-The goodwill authorization to ask the phone retailer to label them with radiation levels is put on hold indefinitely and wateredThe Down version will most likely be passed in its location.Then-Mayor Gavin Newsom introduced landmark legislation last year and passed a 10-1 vote by the Board of Supervisors.It requires the store to display radiation levels next to each phone sold.
Newsom called it a "modest, common-sense measure" to give shoppers easy access to information already owned by handset makers.The cellular telecom and Internet Association, a trade group representing mobile phone companies, sued the city for the law, saying the Federal Communications Commission believed that all mobile phones sold in the United States were safe.The Association also warned that the city may have to charge legal fees for trade groups if it loses.
In recent weeks, lawyers from the city prosecutor's office met with regulators twice in a closed meeting, warning them of the pitfalls in the new law and discussing litigation.It was originally scheduled to take effect on February and the implementation was postponed until May 1, followed by June 15.There is no proposed start date now.The source said it was more than litigation that brought regulators to a halt.
It's also about the accuracy of radiation labels, which some say could actually lead shoppers to buy phones that emit more radiation than others.Director John Avalos said he plans to make changes to the law, but he has not yet specified the changes."There will still be some information to share (with mobile buyers), but less," he said .
These changes may require mobile phone retailers to distribute a reminder sheet on how to reduce radiation exposure, such as using a handFree device, don't let the phone close to your body when you don't use it.City officials hope this will resolve the case against the mobile phone group.No comments were made by the organization.
The original law required retailers to mark the phone with their specific absorption rate, which represents the amount of radiation a person absorbs into the body and brain when using the phone.The FCC requires the largest SAR rating issued by mobile phones sold in the United States to be 1.Body tissue is 6 watts per kilogram, although some phones are only 0 Watts of emissions.
2 watts per kilogram.
Mobile phone radiation has any impact on health, and the mobile phone trading group disagrees.Some studies in other countries have found that when users are on the phone, the incidence of brain tumors and saliva tumors on the side of the head has increased.Joel Moskowitz, director of the Center for Family and Community Health at the University of California, Berkeley, said that the specific absorption rate is not a very useful measurement method, because this is the peak reading in the test of various measurements of radiation performed on the phone, however, this does not indicate the average amount of radiation that the user will normally be exposed.
He likened it to the gas mileage that a car was reported only after climbing a steep hillside.Such a measurement can actually allow car buyers to avoid a hybrid because it does not perform well on the mountain, although it usually consumes less gas."You can buy a lower SAR phone, but on average it will produce more radiation from a higher SAR phone," he said .
Because there is no better way to measure, mobile phone users need to try to limit their contact, he said.Renee Sharp is the director of the California Office of the Environment Working Group, a national non-profit research and advocacy organization that calls for consumers to better access data on the potential dangers of mobile phones.She said that the SAR is an important measure that should be disclosed and should continue to be part of the laws of the city.
But she said the trade group "bullied the city and they had a lot of money and a lot of power ."Still, waterThe downward version is better than nothing, Sharp says."We think it's important that San Francisco still wants to do something and they won't let the CTIA win the day completely," she said .
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