ryan kesler, james reimer, lars eller: pro athletes endorsing oxygenated water - cardboard cutouts

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ryan kesler, james reimer, lars eller: pro athletes endorsing oxygenated water  -  cardboard cutouts
A Langley-
The Toronto-based company relies on proof from professional athletes such as Vancouver Canada striker Ryan Kessler, Toronto Maple Leaf goalkeeper James Reimer and MONTREAL Canadian Lars Le, to make it a new oxygen-filled bottled water has achieved great success among consumers around the world.
Bottled water products are known as "brand ambassadors" and Kessler even brought two cases when representing the United States for the Sochi OlympicsS.
It is reported that Reimer took part in the IIHF World Championship in Belarus, where he scored for Canada.
The company that sells the product claims it has at least 100 times more oxygen than tap water.
So those who drink oxygen, not just those who breathe oxygen, will experience a boost in mental clarity, a surge in endurance and endurance, and water can improve their immune system, help restore muscle.
It was also touted for staying away from hangover and headaches.
Tap water in the Lower Mainland is about ten per million (PPM)
Oxygen, but Formula Four "guarantees" it has 1,000 PPM.
Experts who have published research and interviews so far say that the benefits of oxygen from scientific standards remain an unproven assumption.
The water comes from municipal running water in California.
Before a supplement called active stable oxygen, it accepts a reverse osmosis purification method (ASO)
Add in the bottling process.
This supplement consists of a mixed oxygen molecule called 4a, which is the characteristic of Glas water.
Formula IV is the Glas Water subsidiary, which gives Kesler and other athletes a small profit from every case sold within their local jurisdiction as part of their efforts to promote the brand(
The bottle costs $2.
Each case consists of 24 bottles. )
Alan Klassen, chief marketing officer for Formula 4, told me: it's not surprising that Kesler said this to bottled water products on the company's website: like all NFL and NHL teams with Gatorade sponsorship deals, players can only spend Gatorade on the bench during the game.
Klassen said Kesler drank formula four before and after the game and during the interval.
He also has it in his Gatorade bottle.
NFL New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton is another f1 brand ambassador.
But the saint's dietitian, a Canadian named at a large training facility in Colorado Springs, said she had reservations.
Gibson said in an interview that while she was happy that her athletes were replenishing their bodies, she wondered if there was enough scientific evidence to support the claim of benefits.
"It's a trend that has been going on for a while, but we don't see strong evidence to support the benefits of big or any performance.
"But if that means that athletes are replenishing more water and there is no harm, then we are fine.
"While professional athletes may have a vested interest in enriching endorsements, what about the rest of us?
If we want to buy bottled water that consumers now see at a Select grocery store, with life in the towering display --
Size Cardboard cuts for athletes like Kesler?
A small 2003 study published in the Journal of the American Medical AssociationJAMA)
Compared with tap water, it was found that an aerobic aquatic product (
Not Formula 4)
There is no advantage in several measures.
The fourth formula highlighted the scientific proof that another study was conducted in 1999 as a benefitS.
The Marines are at a naval training base in California.
The aim of this study was to measure the effect of drinking supplemental oxygen in subjects training at an altitude of about 8,000 feet m;
Whether oxygen saturation is increased (
This ratio is usually close to 100 among healthy people)
Does it improve performance?
One group drank ordinary canteen water, and the other group treated with oxygen products.
Wayne arski, a nutrition professor at the University of Utah who helped lead the Marine Corps study, said in an interview that the evidence of benefit was convincing: "Basically, we did not find any important physiological differences.
The water added with oxygen did not rise (
Oxygen saturation
Is the key measure.
As far as I know, by this time, no one knows that the dissolved oxygen in the water has a significant contribution to blood hemoglobin binding oxygen . . . . . . "Askew said that the new 4a molecules in Formula Four products may have more benefits.
But so far, there is no evidence that it can actually be absorbed and used by cells throughout the body before it is discharged by urine. Askew, who co-Created a regular
Citing the British Journal of Sports Medicine's comment on oxygen-filled water, it is controversial to say whether oxygen can be absorbed from water, whether it is super or not
Whether oxidation.
Jordan Guenette is an assistant professor in the Department of Physical Therapy at UBC and director of the heart and lung Innovation Center's cardio-pulmonary exercise physiology laboratory
Paul's Hospital.
That's what he thinks about aquatic products: Susan Barr, professor of nutrition at the University of BC, says the lungs do a good job of oxygen intake and healthy people are close
They have a level of oxygen saturation of 100 in their blood, so "more oxygen saturation won't be better if there's no place to go.
Breathing oxygen supplement said (in gas form)
It may improve grades, but only during high intensity workouts, not before or between workouts.
"At present, I don't know if oxygen is really absorbed from drinking water.
Whether oxidation. When we (inhale)
Normal air, oxygen dissolve through the membrane in the lungs and spread into the blood.
This process occurs due to the pressure gradient between oxygen in the lungs and oxygen already dissolved in the blood.
Although some oxygen may enter the cycle, the intestines are not designed for gas exchange (so)
The effect of oxygen absorbed in this way on the whole body oxygen delivery is negligible.
In previous research on other brands, "Even those brands that claim the highest oxygen content on the market contain about 80 ml of oxygen per liter.
She agreed with Barr that the placebo effect could happen, but "it seems to me that just drinking oxygen does not have a significant improvement in performance.
"When oxygen bars became popular a few years ago, an article in the consumer magazine of the Food and Drug Administration discussed the issue of oxygen supplements.
It quotes Conrad Ernest, director of sports physiology at Dallas: Klassen said that despite previous research findings and skeptics, he believed his product was a "medical breakthrough"
"The company is now sponsoring a small research trial (
15 college athletes)
Indiana State University will prove "it's not smoke and mirrors.
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