royal wedding: prince harry and meghan markle tie the knot - cardboard cutouts

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royal wedding: prince harry and meghan markle tie the knot  -  cardboard cutouts
Windsor, UK-
Prince Harry and Megan Markle stare into each other's eyes and promise their eternal love when they get married on Saturday.
Hundreds of celebrity guests and millions of spectators around the world are in front of the George Church.
The American actress arrived with great fanfare and walked down the aisle accompanied by Prince Charles and 10 young page boys and bridesmaids.
Including 4 childrenyear-
Prince George and 3-year-
Princess Charlotte, the children of Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge.
Markle's stylish white dress is designed by British designer Clare Waight Keller.
Her veil came to her waist and rummaged many feet behind her long train.
Before 125, Markle came to the vault of the British royal family to choose her wedding headdress.
The diamond worn by Bandeau Markle was made for Queen Mary, who was crowned king by her husband George V in 1911.
The headwear is specially designed to accommodate a brooch that was given to Mary in 1893 to commemorate her and the time --Prince George.
Queen Elizabeth II inherited these works in 1953.
Prince Harry's grandmother kept hundreds of tiyaras in the locked vault.
The Royal tradition believes that the Queen will allow Markle to borrow a shiny biography of heir.
In the months leading up to Saturday's wedding, it was speculated whether Markle would continue the headwear tradition and, if so, whether she would choose a headwear belonging to Princess Diana, Harry's late mother.
Prince Harry and Prince William, the best man, wore dark formal military uniforms, white gloves, blue and royal costumes, and red beard.
When Charles and Megan approached the altar, Harry said, "Thank you, Dad.
Harry said to Megan, "You look great.
"Markle seems poised and confident, because she has finished her vows without a trembling voice.
When the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, announced that they were husband and wife, she laughed happily.
Harry seems a little nervous. but happy.
Many celebrities and athletes
Including Oprah Winfrey, Idris Urbana, Elton John, George and Amale Clooney, Serena Williams, James Coden, David and
Watch the ceremony at the Gothic chapel of Windsor Castle.
Before the celebration, Queen Elizabeth II presented her with red wine. headed, 33-year-
Old grandson with a new title: Duke of Sussex.
This means that Markle is now the Duchess of Sussex.
The wedding was a global event, thanks to Harry's identity as a senior British official and to Mark's celebrity status after starring in the United States. S.
Seven years of TV series suit.
The occasion and ceremony of the wedding
Prayers and traditions of the Anglican Church, classical music, gospel choir and horse-
Carriage through Windsor
Broadcast live to tens of millions of television viewers around the world.
Relatives attending the ceremony included Charles Spencer, Harry's late mother, Princess Diana's brother, Harry's cousin Zara Tindall and her husband.
The family of Prince William's wife, Kate, also attended the meeting: parents Carol and Michael Middleton, sister Pippa Middleton and brother James Middleton. Harry’s ex-
Girlfriend Chelsy Davy and former Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson are also part of the congregation
Prince Harry, Uncle Andrew's wife
Outside the castle, the streets of Windsor are packed with thousands of fans.
California Lawyer Irene Bowley is on a crowded morning train to Windsor.
As soon as the wedding date was announced, she booked a trip to the UK.
"Aren't the Americans in the Royal family very excited? ” she said.
The weather was mild and sunny, bathed in the beautiful spring light with the ancient stones of Windsor Castle.
The royal fans camped out of the castle for several days, and British police stepped up security with sniffing dogs, barricades and patrols all over the town.
"Windsor is absolutely full of excitement," said royal historian Hugo Vickers . ".
"There are Meghan and Harry's cardboard cuts in almost every shop window.
Flags are everywhere.
I have never seen so many people on the streets of Windsor.
"This is a transitional period of British monarchy, and William and Harry seem to be filled with hope --
Two sons of Charles and the late Princess Diana
Step into the spotlight with more confidence.
Many people in the crowd, such as Ana Karukin, a Brazilian nurse living in Florida, said they came to witness historical moments.
"We have to support him and her, my Megan, my special girl here because it's a great time," she said . ".
"I hope Diana is here, but she looks at them in heaven.
"On Friday night, the brothers took time out at the wedding scene to stroll outside the castle and thank the fans for coming.
Harry gave his thumbs up with a smile and replied, "Great, thank you!
Asked about his feelings on the eve of the wedding.
The family stage plays on the widest possible stage.
Dozens of broadcasters held a visual feast on the grounds of the castle.
The church itself is a masterpiece of the late Gothic period. Windsor Castle is the home of the British monarch for nearly 1,000 years.
The service of the church reflects Markle's American heritage. The Most Rev.
Michael Bruce Curry of Africa
The American leader of the Anglican Church delivered a sermon, including the version of this music choice. E.
The King's Stand By Me and Eta James's The Little Lights of Amen/me.
"Pastor, who is the hand-
On Saturday, the couple chose to preach at their wedding, telling the bride and groom that "there is power in love," and "love can help and heal when there is nothing else.
But, as an advocate of the civil rights movement and an outspoken supporter of gay rights, Curry continued: "It's not just for a young couple, we're happy for them too, more than that.
He quoted the days of slavery in the United States as saying that love helped those imprisoned persevere.
He told the couple that love has the power to change the world ".
Curry said, "when the way we love, we actually treat each other, well, like we are real families.
Harry invited a partner who served for 10 years.
Including in Afghanistan.
Many of the charities he supports are committed to helping injured veterans or encouraging more open discussions on mental health issues.
The couple also commemorated Harry's mother, Diana, whose sister, Jane Felos, read an article at the wedding. Sheku Kanneh-
The 19-year-old Mason performed for 600 guests and a global television audience. the newlyweds Harry and Megan, now the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, signed the register. Kanneh-
Mason's works include the Virgin Mary of Schubert.
"In 2016, the cellist won the BBC annual youth musicians competition, the first black musician to do so.
After the church ceremony, in the signing of the register and the performance of the orchestra, the royal newlyweds rode their horses through Windsor for a short trip
Pulling the carriage and making thousands of wells happy --wishers.
When Harry and Megan are holy.
George's Chapel, kissing on the steps.
The couple are now the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and then cross Windsor in the Ascot Landau carriage before returning to Windsor Castle for reception.
Then the first of the two parties.
The first one will be hosted by the Queen in the afternoon.
Finger food, wine and champagne.
Second, Charles held a smaller reception. A three-
A one-hour break in the middle will allow the lucky 200 people who attend the evening party to rest and change their clothes.
Kensington Palace said that 600 guests at Windsor Castle's wedding will eat burritos including Scottish Langya, British grilled asparagus and Coffey Windsor mutton barbecue rolls. There’s no sit-
At the reception at lunch time, guests can enjoy a bowl of chicken, mushrooms, peas and mint risotto and slow meals
Roast pork belly.
The place of honor will go to the California wedding cake-
Master baker Claire Tucker of London
Ingredients for layered lemon and elder wood cake include 200 Amalfi lemons and 10 bottles of elder wood flowers at Queen Elizabeth Sandringham estate.
The cake is decorated with Swiss Crispy Cream and 150 flowers, mainly flowers in the UK and the season, including peony and roses.
The reception was hosted by Prince William, his brother's best man, including Harry's father, Prince Charles, and the bride and groom.
Kensington Palace said Elton John "performed for the newlyweds in recognition of his close ties with Prince Harry and his family.
"The Palace did not disclose the musicians of the song, who were sealed as jazz in 1998 by Queen Elizabeth II in 1998, to choose the right occasion.
John, a close friend of Harry's late mother, Princess Diana, performed the song "candles in the Wind" at her funeral on 1997 and recreated the lyrics.
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