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road trip to trump’s inauguration: ‘let’s see what he can do’ - house cardboard cutout

by:SAFEKA      2019-08-26
road trip to trump’s inauguration: ‘let’s see what he can do’  -  house cardboard cutout
Update: 11: 50m.
The New York Times will join supporters of the President for Friday's inaugurationelect Donald J. Trump.
On Wednesday, we traveled with a woman from Massachusetts, the bluest state east of Mississippi.
On Thursday, we met with someone from West Virginia, the reddest state in the eastern United States.
Dianna Ploss, 53, is a volunteer organizer of Mr.
Trump, she was surprised by the turn of fate.
A long-time Democrat who was not interested in politics until recently.
I'm a national correspondent for The Times, from Granville, Massachusetts.
I sat with the photographer in the back seat of a Dodge pickup truck driven by Dianna's friend Scott Hayes.
There's a Mr. cardboard cut. Trump, too.
Along the way, we talked about life.
The future of Trump and the United States.
We stopped at McDonald's, cookie kegs, Apple Bee stores and a number of sitting areas.
We listen to Abba, the Supreme Fleetwood Mac, Cheryl Obama. I got carsick. And 13-
We arrived in Washington a few hours later.
SABRINA tavernise___ Gloucester, quality. , 10:27 a. m.
: I just finished the Facebook Live video introduction to Dianna and Scott and we are leaving to drive.
As far as she is concerned, Dianna has been Mr For the past year.
Trump's campaign cost him money and countless hours to get him elected.
She is even a representative of the Republican convention.
She has lived in Cambridge for years, and Hillary Clinton won 88% of the vote in Cambridge. (Mr.
Trump got 6%. )
Her ability to move back and forth between two worlds is rare.
She has a lot to say about both.
She has never been so interested in politics.
She grew up in Boston in her 1970 s.
Her father is a driver of a famous school.
Her mother raised four children and looked after the bar.
"We were all Democrats at that time," she said . "
"After 40 years, we are all Republicans.
Mileage: 0.
Distance: 470 miles.
Near Worcester, Massachusetts. , 11:59 a. m.
It's already snowing.
The window of the truck is steaming.
Dianna is on the phone with people trying to help them find a place to stay in Washington.
The Airbnb she will be staying there will soon be full.
Her mobile phone was chatting with her on Facebook.
It's like a big family, and it's chatty at the same time.
Her journey to this point is a trip in itself.
The adult life of Diana suddenly happened.
She was pregnant in high school.
Catholic school. She was afraid.
She said she got through it by putting every part of her life in a different room and closing the door.
She was the president of the student union when she graduated.
She thought she should go to college, but now she has a daughter.
She has a boyfriend of underachievers.
She has no money.
Her family did not understand what the university would bring to her.
It took her 10 years to complete the community college.
She works in a bank, paints a house, works as a secretary in a car companybody shop. In her mid-
In her 30 s, she decided to go to nursing school.
She works in the Department of cardiac surgery, psychiatry and first aid.
She did a good job, but she didn't like it.
What she really likes is volunteering. And organizing.
She knew nothing about running, but became a director of a private track and field club, managing 25 coaches and 200 children between the ages of 8 and 14 and raising money to support running.
When she asked the children to sell a coupon with a discount from a local business, it was the highest --grossing fund-
Raiser, once run by the club.
Mileage: 71 miles.
Distance: 399 miles.
Quality, Charlton. , 12:26 p. m. : I am carsick.
Scott found a rest area and pulled in.
Dianna bought me a Coke and even looked for me.
The medicine in the store
"For you, dear," she said kindly. “Sit down.
You don't look so good.
"I had a cup of sugar Coke and my stomach was beginning to feel better.
Miles: 83 miles.
Distance: 387 miles.
_____ Stay Bridge quality. , 12:47 p. m. : “Oh my God!
You have to put this in!
Said Dianna, looking over a stack of CDs.
"The Partridge Family? ! Are you nuts? ” says Scott.
"I have a dad," she said . "“Neil Diamond. Chicago. Bee Gees.
But I like the Partridge Family. Scott: "Oh, boy.
The music began to play.
"I woke up in love this morning.
Sleep with you in my mind.
"It's a very complicated song," she said with a smile . ".
Mileage: 92 miles.
Distance: 378 miles.
1: 07 is near Hartford. m.
: Dianna read some comments on Facebook Live: A lot of people yell at Trump.
Some things about us
I asked Diana how she felt.
She said: "uncomfortable.
Although she is part of the Trump team, she tries to avoid alienating others.
Probably because of living in Cambridge.
Perhaps this stems from her personality as a networker.
"I tried to encourage people not to yell," she said . ".
"I had a small meeting with women from the volunteer team.
I say it's not the right way to criticize people if our goal is to get them to Trump.
It also makes you look bad.
"I will not attack others in person," she added . ".
"Unless I am alone, the TV is on.
She put an Abba album in the truck's CD player.
Mileage: 126 kilometers.
Distance: 344 miles.
(Applause. , 1:30 p. m.
: I asked Diana how a Democrat who grew up in Massachusetts could become a Trump voter.
She explained that she went to politics, not so much as a burning ideological expression, but rather an affinity for people and the reason for bringing them together.
She is good at leading people, but the world is changing.
In 2015, she sold her home in Cambridge, gave up her care and focused on an invention involving drinks.
"I live in my friend's camping car in Framingham's yard," she said . ".
"They are liberals.
What is happening
San Bernardino, Paris
I think: I don't know if I agree with them. ”When Mr.
She said Trump announced her candidacy in 2015 and she felt there was no sudden spark.
But his message came in like a slow penetration.
A movement of awareness of herself and her beliefs: she has always had, but never really thought about it.
Recalling the protests about police violence, she said: "People are lying everywhere . ".
"They were lying in Harvard Square.
They were lying on Highway 93.
They blocked traffic for three hours. Ninety-
Third, the road is very crowded,
You want to pull your hair out anyway.
Close it?
What is going on?
What are these people doing?
At some point she registered as a Republican.
"In this crazy mess, I'm trying to figure out who I am," she said . ".
"I feel like I have to take a stand.
It's crazy.
I can't understand.
Mileage: 135 kilometers.
Distance: 335 miles.
Kang en, Berlin. , 1:37 p. m.
The rain has stopped.
I asked Diana, how did she like Mr. Diana? Trump.
She said she did not take his candidacy seriously at first.
"I only know about his reality show," she said . ".
But when she listened, she realized that he attracted her.
"I really like Trump's pro. America thing.
I grew up in a Catholic school.
We pledge allegiance every day.
This is important.
"What I began to notice was not what he was saying, but what he was saying.
Freedom of speech.
He said something outrageous.
People will get so excited about outrageous things.
"He's a tough guy.
I like him to stand up for himself.
He did not take the garbage from the people.
He re-taught people how to own themselves. respect.
He shows you can stand up for yourself.
Mileage: 142 kilometers.
Distance: 328 miles.
Well, Norwalk. , 2:53 p. m.
: "Oh, they're not happy there," Diana announced, who came out of McDonald's with Scott, Trump's cut-outs and a packet of fries. (
I was in the bathroom all the time and missed the event. )
"The people behind the counter said, 'We don't do politics, 'Dianna reported. '".
"I told him we only need chips.
"A woman in a fluffy blue jacket sits by the window on the glass with her fist.
After getting our attention, she pointed her finger at the cardboard Trump and gave her thumbs up --down motion.
We stood in the parking lot and the two women walked briskly up to Diana. “I love Mr.
"Trump, trust me," said Lillia Millard, a retired translator, born in Russia and now living in sinook Walker.
"Like me, that's what he said.
Dianna asked her if she wanted to see the inauguration. “Yes!
She said warmly.
As a reporter, her daughter will not.
"Unfortunately, she is going to the Women's March . "
Millard added, "I still have time to convince her not to do so until Saturday.
Scott gave her an ace.
Penny bumper sticker, we went back to the highway and enjoyed the music of the big funk railway.
Mileage: 202 kilometers.
Distance: 268 miles.
DARIEN of Kang en. , 3:26 p. m.
We have to stop again.
The rest are beige plastic and fake wood.
The television is broadcasting President Obama's last press conference.
It was almost impossible to hear under a heavy hit song by Steve Nick.
In the last few minutes.
"There are a lot more good people than bad people in this country," he said . ".
Diana replied, "Yes.
I agree with that. I do.
He said he cursed more when he was behind closed doors.
"Me too," said Diana.
He's talking about his daughter. He keeps going.
He said he believed in the country.
Dianna no longer agrees.
"Do you believe he believes in this country? ” I ask her.
"No," she replied.
"I don't believe it. ”I ask her why.
"People have said so much to him over the years, and I don't believe them," she said . ".
"But he did a lot to hurt America.
He's basically Robin Hood.
His trade policy
He is willing to try to take it away from having more people and donate to having less.
"The middle class has decreased, and more people are at the bottom.
This is his result.
Obamacare is a big part of it.
See how much my health care costs.
It makes no sense to me.
It's hard to know.
Is this really the idea in his heart or is his ideal holding him back?
Mileage: 207 kilometers.
Distance: 263 miles.
Still in DARIEN, Connecticut. , 4:33 p. m.
We ate spicy hummus and carrots in Dorian, Connecticut. , rest stop.
I'm asking Mr. Diana. Obama.
She didn't vote for him.
But she defended her family or friends when they attacked him.
She was very happy to see him go.
Part of this is due to security issues.
"The first thing that impressed me about what he said was that he said Cambridge police were stupid," she said . "
Obama's comments on the arrest of Henry Louis Gates Jr.
In 2009, a black professor at Harvard University
Gates tried to enter his home.
"When this comment came out, there was something going on in my head, huh?
Then he said, "Martin may be my son.
Maybe that's what he thinks, but people listen when he says that as a leader.
I'm like this. what?
This confused me.
What are you doing?
She added: "Things have changed in terms of crime.
People will do anything.
They will go to the police and execute them.
People are blasting themselves.
They are hitting things in a truck.
If you alienate the police, then we have no law or order. ”On Mr.
Obama, she said: "Sometimes you have to bite your tongue when you are a leader.
She added: "I find it ironic because people will say that Donald Trump does not bite his tongue.
I want to see what happened after he was elected president.
I don't know the answer.
Mileage: 207 kilometers.
Distance: 263 miles.
Fort Li, N. J. , 6 p. m.
We're back-
95, now closer to the end of our trip than to the beginning.
The leader is playing;
Our driver, Scott, is grateful that we don't listen to Abba anymore.
We just passed the George Washington Bridge.
I'm asking Diana and Scott about immigration.
For Scott, the economy supports his idea.
10, 15 years ago, two friends often did a lot of landscaping work for him, but then stopped;
They now have employees in Latin America.
Another customer recently sold a company for millions of dollars, saying he wanted to cut Scott's salary from $30 an hour to $20 an hour, and asked him if he could learn Spanish to manage the staff.
"Fundamentally, this is unfair," he said . "
"I work seven days a week now so I can spend the winter.
They say Republicans want cheaper labor and Democrats want votes.
But I think they all want cheaper labor.
Rich people only want cheaper labor.
Instead of blaming the workers, he said, he was angry at politicians who thought it was not a problem.
"If I were poor people south of the border, I would probably do the same," he said . ".
Scott, 58, lives in Mass.
He has been drifting on the Rio Grande River in Texas for years.
He said he had finished his rafting trip in 2010 when he saw five people trying to cross the river.
They seem to be asking him to help them. He kept going.
A few months later, Janet Napolitano
Then the secretary of homeland security.
It's near Laredo, Texas.
The border has never been as secure as it is now, he said.
Scott said he didn't believe her.
"You lose your language, borders, and culture, and you will lose your country," he said . "
Election campaign theme.
"Your country is finished.
Mileage: 240 kilometers.
Distance: 230 miles.
Mean is: East WindsorJ. , 6:57 p. m.
The car is silent.
Do you like lobster?
Scott: "I like it, but it's expensive.
Dianna: "I just don't like fighting with food.
Scott: "The only thing that really happens is the tail.
Dianna: "The only thing that really happens is butter.
Everything dipped in butter was delicious.
Mileage: 296 kilometers.
Distance: 174 miles.
N. Mount HollyJ. , 7:38 p. m.
For dinner we pulled the biscuit bucket in.
Dianna was never in there. “O. K.
There is country music in the bathroom, "she said.
"It smells good --
Like candles.
She investigated the store.
She looked at a coffee cup with a name on the wall: Grandpa. Papa. Mom.
"Look at these cups.
Happiness is surging.
It's like a weird town.
"We left because there was no table nearby and no exit to Diana or me.
Mileage: 318 kilometers.
Distance: 152 miles.
The: N. J. , 8:11 p. m.
We waited for dinner at an Apple Bee restaurant.
I asked Dianna and Scott what they expected of Mr.
If they are worried that Trump will let them down.
"I would be disappointed if he could not achieve economic growth," Scott said . ".
"He said he would change the tax rate for the middle class.
This is huge for me.
I bought a house five years ago and the taxes are up $200 a year.
Scott does not trust the elite --
Rich politicians.
"I don't trust McCain, I don't trust Rubio, I don't trust Paul Ryan," he said . ".
"I like Trump's call for elites and ruling classes to recognize who they are.
Because they have forgotten the men who work and the women who work.
He is also skeptical about the term "comprehensive immigration reform.
"Whenever a politician uses the word" comprehensive ", you think they're lying," Dianna said.
It's just an empty talk.
Smoke and mirrors.
They throw big words around and make it look like what they're actually doing.
Make people feel that they are not smart enough to understand what they are doing.
"I think Trump will deliver on his promise," she added . "
Our dinner is coming.
Two shrimp salad and a burger.
Mileage: 319 kilometers.
Distance: 151 miles.
New Castle, Del. , 9:51 p. m.
We are sleepy.
This is another toll road on Delaware Memorial Bridge.
Scott thinks the sign says $400. “What! ?
Dianna said in a mock shock.
"I have to pay for that wall somehow.
Everyone laughed.
We drove to cash Lane.
An elderly woman wearing a wool hat, glasses and a yellow safety vest changed our hands.
Dianna raised the Trump cardboard cut and asked, "Do you know who this is?
The woman responded without expression: "I have never seen him in my life.
But when she was asked if she liked him, there was a smile on her face.
"Thumbs up," she said . "
Mileage: 366 kilometers.
Distance: 104 miles.
In Newark, Del. , 10:03 p. m. : It’s dark. Dinner’s over.
Disco is playing: Cheryl Lynn's must be real.
"Diana was driving to give Scott a break.
Trump is still smirking in the back seat.
"I'm going to get my clock out," Scott said dryly . ".
I sang for a while.
So did Dianna.
Let me ask about health care.
"I spent about $20,000 on health care last year," Dianna said . ".
She paid about $850 a month through her own private plan.
But her deductible. of-
Online Care soared from $4,500 to $3,000. In-
The Internet jumped from $3,000 to $2,000, she said.
Dianna, who has been living on the proceeds of selling her home in Cambridge, said she could get insurance through Obamacare last year because she didn't work.
But she chose not.
"I said, Diana, if you are a volunteer for Trump, how can you continue to buy food vouchers and get free health care?
I think it is wrong to do so.
But now she has the Obamacare plan.
She explained that she was helping to support her father and that her budget was already tense.
"I don't think it's great that I have to do that," she said . ".
"When I have better health insurance, I have more control over my life.
This is also pride.
Mileage: 381 kilometers.
Miles to Go: 89 miles.
Baltimore, 10: 50. m.
Passed by in Maryland.
The most popular work by fleewood Mike is "Rhiannon".
No matter what happens to Mr.
Trump, Scott Hayes, has won something important: the deep network of people who think like him.
He has a flip phone.
He's not on Facebook.
But he believes he will stick to these new relationships.
They brought him back to life.
Makes him feel more energetic.
"I always feel so lonely like no one wants to hear what I'm talking about," he said . ".
"So I will go to these rallies and see if there are other people who think like me.
Now I want to meet all kinds of people.
"Dianna also wants to maintain momentum with all the people she meets.
Just like May, a woman who owns a Chinese restaurant in Newton, Massachusetts.
On Tuesday, she went to New Hampshire to volunteer with some of her staff.
On December, Diana organized a Christmas party for Trump supporters in Massachusetts.
Champagne is on every table.
Trump's Cardboard cut is also there.
"I was relieved," she said . "“He won.
I think he will deliver the goods.
Mileage: 427 kilometers.
Miles to Go: 43 miles.
Washington is 11: 50. m.
: We Park in the parking lot of Dianna's Airbnb in Southwest Washington, take the elevator to the 8 th floor and walk into a spacious 2 th floor
Bedroom with wood flooring.
Scott is holding Trump cardboard.
You can see the view of the Washington Monument.
"Wow, it's big," said Dianna, looking at a long glass sliding door . ".
"This is just too fancy.
Scott is on the president's side. elect up.
I asked how the two of them felt at the end of these 13. hour-plus journey.
"This is the end, but this is the beginning," Dianna said . ".
"Now, it's a new chapter for our lives, for the country, for the gentleman. Trump.
Let's see what he can do.
Mileage: 470 kilometers. Miles to go: 0.
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