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question no. 63 - house cardboard cutout

by:SAFEKA      2019-08-26
question no. 63  -  house cardboard cutout
The opinionated man is a bit late in this regard, but a few days ago Al Kamen of The Washington Post made some of his Ben to Obama's speech author Jon fafro
58. in the transition team review document at the Obama White House, the applicant is requested: "Please provide the URL address of any website that is characterized as an individual or professional (e. g.
Facebook, my space, etc. )”Question No.
63 Request the applicant "please provide any other information . . . . . . It could embarrass you, your family, or the president --Elect.
Some time this afternoon, President.
President-elect Obama, 27year-
Old Jon Favro may have been thinking about how to fix this.
That's some interesting pictures of a party he attended recently.
Including a place where he's been dancing all his life.
Cut size of cardboard
Outside secretary of state-designate Sen.
Hillary Roham Clinton, and a friend, while drinking beer for her lips, put his hand on the chest of the former first lady of cardboard --
It appeared on Facebook for about two hours.
The photo was taken soon.
In addition to a profile avatar, Favreau has other photos on popular social networking sites.
The pictures are gone, but the story is starting to get active.
Andrew brettbart wrote in "really clear politics" that he wanted to know where the anger had gone: "National Women's organization, last press release, explain why Sarah Palin is not really refusing to comment on the Obama speaking press event.
When shishiozaki, NOW's press secretary, was contacted on Friday, she first claimed that she had not seen a photo of Favreau.
But when she called later, she offered two reasons for not considering: "I have not investigated" and "I have 5 p ". m. deadline.
I'm already late.
But another feminist group, the new agenda, has studied it and does not like what it sees: these antics should be condemned immediately by the Presidentelect Obama.
He should have fired Jon fafflo.
If he does not dismiss Favreau, it is possible for him to cultivate his view of tolerating Favreau's disrespect for Sen. Clinton.
He also ventured to encourage other young men to do so against women who are not just cardboard cuts.
Drinking and sexual assault is a harmful and persistent problem on college campuses. Amy West Gold
The founder of the new agenda responded that "the alcohol and fumbling of" favavreau "is hardly an interesting thing to mix together.
32% of college women in our country are victims of domestic violence, a national disaster.
Every mother and father should be shocked by the behaviour of favreau Kumar, which seems to encourage the fall and sexuality of women.
Although Hillary Clinton has decided to expose the situation --
A consultant sent this email to Carmen.
Mail: "Senator Clinton is pleased to learn about Jonathan's apparent interest in the State Department and is currently reviewing his application "-
Ann Batu, a feminist law professor on his blog, doesn't find it funny: "If this is considered a 'young thought' because Favreau is 'too young ', then I think it is reasonable for Obama to continue to rely professionally on someone's judgment to be questioned.
Campbell Brown of CNN thinks the villain of the film is . . . . . . Senator Clinton?
I'm sorry that this is the same woman, and during the campaign, she pointed out the example of gender discrimination against her, citing the phrase, "which has offended millions of women "?
Is this a comment from the same woman pointing out her cleavage or cackle, certain experts and the media?
Citing the phrase "the remnants of gender discrimination still exist", after someone at the rally shouted "Iron my shirt", The Lady concluded?
During her campaign, she stressed the need to call on people to become heroes of millions of women.
But now the campaign is over.
She joined the Obama team and it is clear that her portrait in this photo was touched by another key member of the Obama team, which does not bother her at all. Just good-
Her spokesman said it was interesting. Really, Sen. Clinton?
Boy, have you changed your tune?
Do you really think this picture is OK?
Put another woman in the photo, just an ordinary woman who supports you during the campaign.
Is her image belittled by her colleagues?
Will you agree?
During the campaign, you had an important conversation on such a question.
Comments are no longer accepted.
"Just" cardboard cut?
Yes, those who never really lynched might hang the rope on a tree.
We call it nausea.
This is disgusting.
Should he lose his job?
I don't know, but I hope we can call it real.
Acts of gender discrimination, nausea, and immaturity.
This kind of thing led to the climate in which the real attack took place. Troubling.
Sorry, Favreau is leaving.
For God's sake, this is the White House.
People expect its residents and employees to set some example.
Other ridiculous PC nonsense stories of feminists have nothing to do with their time.
Yes, it was a disaster when one put his case on the cardboard.
Throw him to the wolf! !
Forget how talented he is and make him wear red C all his life.
These excessive PC types have taken all the diversity and creativity away from the fun and want us to be automated.
Deprive the world of humor and create a dull place for all to self-examine. Pathetic.
The overly serious speaking heads you find in this article have left us with a bad reputation for other people who are serious about advocating women's rights.
Mark and I (17).
People, please relax.
For Pete's sake.
Can we put this political/media hysteria behind us, which puts everyone in trouble?
It's a stupid, sick
In an era of no mercy for the slightest mistake in etiquette, it is recommended to prank.
It's not for public consumption, and it doesn't, I'm sure, reflect the real feelings that fafero has about Clinton or the whole woman.
With the economic collapse and at least two wars, we now actually have serious problems to consider, so we don't have to pay attention to every moment when some politicians may have a slight misjudgment.
Clinton's answer is admirable and shows her consistent wisdom.
She's going to be a great secretary of state, and I suspect her similarities with Obama are far greater than they are.
I am in my 60 s, I am a feminist, I am a supporter of Obama and I am a professional speaking writer.
I said calm down.
Favreau is great. we have a lot of important things to worry about. He’s a 27 year-
What do you expect, old boy?
If he happens to read the article and is offended by the usage of the word "boy" here --
I didn't use the word "asshole" and he was lucky because that applies as well.
A reflection on the Obama administrationnon-issue.
Compared to the behavior of the Bush White House in the past eight years, I am not so angry with this kind of twit misconduct.
Priority people.
If Clinton agrees, why do you judge?
Oh, the economy is collapsing, there is no universal medical treatment, we are having two "unwinnable" wars, we have no international credibility, the environment is deteriorating rapidly . . . . . . I think some people who complain should get drunk and go to bed.
Or not, so complaints. . .
The only mistake was that he was caught . . . . . . Or from a practical point of view, the imprudent he posted on the Internet! (pretty stupid)
But "feminist protest "?
Come on!
Who appointed Campbell Brown? splitter-in-chief?
Have these people been "having fun" before?
How could anyone know if his girlfriend was standing in front of the camera grabbing the crotch of John McCain's cut, everyone in the room, men and women laughing, b/c they do this when adults get together?
All these stupid "organizations" feel the need to skip it all with "statements", which is really a circus.
"Shut up, you are so annoying.
Yes, it's serious.
This proves that many people have always suspected Sen.
Obama's supporters used his race as an excuse for gender discrimination, and the atmosphere in his core circle was a strong shaverist, his election will not bring "change" or "hope" to the workplace in the United States, but it is just another way to continue the "old man" to control power.
The real radical approach is to elect a woman . . . . . . But she must be content with a solatium, a man handed over to her office, and now the whole world knows that his advisers are secretly laughing at her and gloating for her dependence on "that person. I agree —
Obama should fire avreau immediately. (
On top of that, everyone should read what Gus thinks of this;
It's funny, savvy and powerful. )(1)Those talking-up Mr.
The "power" of Favreau obviously does not know what the author of the speech is doing, I. e.
Write a speech
The substance of these statements is often or-
Just White House --
Policy makers have identified an independent role. (2)
If someone says, Sir
Favreau, regardless of his appearance, should not be part of the incoming government because of his "actions [ing]
Stupid when drunkto quote Gus)
I am afraid that such punishment does not match the crime at all.
I agree with the argument that such behavior is offensive (
Even as an objective thing)
But the argument that he should be fired for this is not at all the same. A 27-
1 year old is not a child.
He is an adult.
Did we call Monica, who is younger than him, and she was a child when she was having an affair with Bill?
No, we call her a woman.
This is a man who does this, a man who is so disrespectful to female and black male employers that he will damage everyone's reputation to entertain his male friends.
His behavior is discriminatory, disgusting and offensive.
The only thing that can protect him is that Hillary Clinton is a public figure and she is not his colleague
The worker when the photo was taken.
That's why it's a mistake to compare this image with Michelle Obama.
Michelle Obama is the spouse of public politicians.
It would make more sense to compare this with the image of the person doing the same with candalreza rice.
Bill Clinton is part of the problem, which is why Hillary has to forgive the speaker.
Democrats, men and women, fight for his job after he stroked Real Women and belittled Hillary, which is worse than the boys if they try.
So if the author of the speech is fired for fumbling through the cardboard cut, it will reshape Bill Clinton's encounter and his true sexual indiscretion.
That's why it's in Hillary's best interest to make it all go away.
It is in Obama's best interest to dismiss the author of the speech.
Are these people serious?
Angry because the guy touched a cardboard cut?
This is why feminism is often labeled as a bad name: because people often do not have insight and rational judgment.
Do not use a sword pole when there is a sickle.
I totally agree with 11. Get a life!
No more privacy issues, no?
One night God knew what Jefferson said.
Of course he likes wine.
Thank you to our founding fathers. they don't have to live in the present. by-
A minute on the Internet.
When we grew up, we learned about the New York Times.
If you don't want to read in The Times, you shouldn't do that.
But risk analysis has a unspoken rule: it won't appear on the times if it doesn't have news value.
Unfortunately, you do not have this discretion in the rules.
The story is that he will become the chief Speaker of the president of the United States --
If your mother, wife, daughter is a cut
Will you feel different?
32% of college women have been sexually assaulted one way or another.
This gesture is a true fax of non-mandatory sex
Woman who agrees
When another person grabs his breast, holding back his hair and pouring alcohol into his throat is more than an innocent act.
In fact, if it's just a typical Brotherhood boy prank
Why would a typical Brotherhood boy put words in the mouth of the next president and why did he not condemn the act?
I sympathize with women's issues as much as almost anyone, but no one thinks these commentators should start doing and stop commenting.
Yes, he made a mistake.
Yes, it is appearance and can be regarded as sex discrimination.
Yes, we have all done politically incorrect and embarrassing things.
But with what is happening now in the world, the photos taken at a party should push the debate.
Why did the commentator take a dishonest look at the situation and call it as they see it and move on.
Work for women to receive equal remuneration in equal work;
Work to eliminate sexual abuse and domestic violence;
Try to get more women into the fields related to mathematics and science.
But do not call on the person in charge or a qualified speaking writer for his misjudgment to be forgiven by someone who should or does offend.
This is why the media and liberals have angered the moderate.
Their demands on others are higher than their demands on themselves, and some view everything in the context of the Washington political bubbleC. .
Everyone should take a second back and judge events from a practical point of view rather than a political point of view.
Who approved the "story" and even got space in the newspaper?
I work hard for women's rights, and the comments in the "feminist" article play down all our efforts. If Sen.
Clinton will laugh, why can't the rest of us laugh?
Another time, it was a cardboard cut, not a woman.
Actually, I think it's disgusting.
I can't help but think that some of these comments that rejected it came from spin Docters.
Obama is serious about choosing this person.
Write decent and inclusive work.
Then he turned around and acted like a sex-discriminatory pig, posted online and had a good laugh. And that’s ok?
You know it's not good.
A little desperate for "news. are we? OK. But, so what?
Make this a problem and you are losing your advantage.
Learn from community organizations.
As a 23-year-old feminist, she supported Hillary all the way until I left it all at the convention behind Barack: these organizations and individuals allegedly "represent women" in these nonsense, undermining their own credibility, claiming to be speaking for people they are very embarrassed about, and worst of all, reinforces the stereotype of "feminists" that they are not humorous, aggressive and outgoingof-touch.
At the same time, under this terrible economy and under our current government, the practical problems faced by women are being ignored.
As a man who was in awe of the talents and achievements of Favreau at such a young age, I hate to see him become a pawn of this man's scandal.
I think it's hard for our generation to separate our public and private lives, which really lacks appreciation/understanding.
This is the fact of life in this era, not an excuse, but looking at the photos, I saw a group of friends drinking a few beers and drinking a little bit
After a long week, the PC was very interesting.
If this is the worst situation you 've found on Favreau, I said to give him a promotion.
Therefore, it is offensive to explore the image of cardboard.
I don't know.
How about groping cardboard image?
What if the image is a man?
Is it OK for one person to consider groping for another person's cardboard image? Help please.
Was confused in Colorado, JeffExcuse, was it cut-off-
Or a living person?
For all feminists, I think your time might be better off attacking the real thing.
People will be stupid, including women.
But the problem is that when a man does this, the situation will be worse for a woman who is really drunk, then record it and post it online.
Let's keep an eye on our friends.
His chief speaker is 27 years old?
I know nothing about it.
Just as he will avoid the far left, Obama doesn't need to cater to every complaint of a special interest group, as long as he keeps an eye on our country.
If you want to tie him in with what you-yes, you, the complainer-can handle, don't understate it.
So be careful.
Leave an immature sir.
Let him do his job by himself.
Students who have just arrived in the United States or are lacking in universities
Educated parents often do not know their choices.
Giving fishermen access to business incentives for sustainable fishing can unleash their ability to innovate and help solve problems, an expert said.
It's not my heart that he broke.
Read more . . . . . . What desperate, humiliating steps would I take to see him play?
Even if we disguise their identity, we risk betraying them.
Read more . . . . . . It's not uncommon for a therapist to have an emotional attachment to someone we 've never seen before.
After reading so many hateful messages, I began to feel sick.
What does this linguistic trend mean to us.
The film audience picks from the Stone who should and who will win the Academy Award and distinguishes the diversity issue of Hollywood.
Compared to our anxiety on Earth, power is more attractive, as seen in other films this season.
My mother's death was so painful that I applied for medical school to help change the way Americans die.
Did I extend the pain of my Indian grandmother because I firmly believe that medicine is capable of solving problems?
Read more . . . . . . Finally, I learned more about writing from doing crossword games.
When a family entrusts a job, they are more interested in stories, lessons and values than in a dynamic one.
Read more from the draft . . . . . . I'm on drugs all the time.
Free for nearly a month
Here's my own 7-
The process of weaning.
As I reduce medication, my sense of urgency for men and relationships has diminished.
Get more out of anxiety, why can't we get along?
Read more . . . . . . It's good to compose music with orchestral instruments.
But I found that there are already more melodies, counterpoints, and rhythms in the air.
Four years ago, Disunion convened a panel of experts to discuss the outbreak of the civil war.
Now, these experts come back to discuss the end of the war and its legacy.
If you read this series (
Or if you're just a huge Civil War Nerd)
What did you learn?
Should convicted heavy offenders receive free health care?
Many doctors think palliative care means giving up.
During election day's total destruction of Democrats, including some who did not vote, Brooks and Collins made more comments.
Read more. . . Brooks and Collins talked about the conflicting response to Ebola, the significance of the mid-term elections, and the fun of voting for effective cheaters.
Read more . . . . . . More of the unstoppable economic laws of the conversation will not separate us.
Our policy is
Modern slot machines have sophisticated ways of milking less affluent gamblers.
Read more . . . . . . Get more information from the great differences-the lack of evidence, the lack of evidence and the war in Iraq.
Can Pearl Harbor be called the "failure of imagination", in this sense, is it similar to the 9/11 attack?
Read more . . . . . . More students from Errol Morris, who are new to the United States or have no university --
Educated parents often do not know their choices.
It's not my heart that he's hurt.
Business incentives for sustainable fishing for fishermen can "unleash their creativity" to help solve problems, said an expert.
Even if we disguise their identity, we risk betraying them.
Read more . . . . . . After reading so many hateful messages, I began to feel sick.
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