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Properties of Cowhide Leather - tensile strength of cardboard

by:SAFEKA      2019-07-26
Properties of Cowhide Leather  -  tensile strength of cardboard
Humans have been using animal skins for thousands of years.Cro-Magnon humans use a rough stone scraper tool to clean the fat on the inner leather and possibly dry it into leather to meet the basic daily needs.Ancient Culture learned independently to turn cowhide into leather.
The North American Indians turned leather making and hand-made into an art form.Twenty-The Science of the first century still did not invent a fabric to replace it.The quality of the leather depends on its position on the leather.
A full cowhide is divided into five basic parts.The two abdominal segments on the lower skin include the abdomen and the upper leg.This is the lowest level, prone to defects and irregularities.
The two bends starting at the top of the back of the cow have higher tensile strength and fewer defects.The best cowhide is from the back of the bull head to the front shoulder part of the third road behind.This cut has the best texture and texture for the entire skin.
Cowhide leather has a variety of properties and is a quality material for interior decoration, clothing, hats, handbags, belts and footwear.It is thicker, stronger, and less prone to cracking than other animal leather including horse skin, goat and sheepskin.The cow leather garment is flexible, breathable and soft, while conforming to the body shape of the wearer.
The dyed or left natural leather looks good.It is durable, well aged and lasts five times longer than the fabric.Motorcycle riders wear it because of its toughness, tear and puncture resistance.
It naturally repels moisture, maintains its shape and is resistant to sunlight and heat damage, making it ideal for coats.The best quality leather is full grain leather.This is from the highest level of cattle skin, just below the hair layer of the strongest level.
The leather on the top layer of the skin becomes more tough due to tightly woven, tightly connected skin fibers.Full grain leather is made of natural leather with minimal damage and is not polished or polished to remove imperfections and defects on the leather surface.Full grain leather may not be treated with a hot plate, a process of stamping an artificial texture of full grain leather with a heated metal plate.
These processes tear the fibers and reduce the tensile strength of the leather
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