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Principles of Design - how to make a cardboard stand

by:SAFEKA      2019-08-12
Principles of Design  -  how to make a cardboard stand
Any form of art is produced after applying certain design principles.These have been elaborated and explained in detail with the help of some examples in the article below.Each design should keep in mind certain basic elements and principles of the design.
Together, these functions create a unified, unique and understandable design.It may not function, but it may just attract the senses.Even for this purpose, the principles surrounding the design must be used.
Graphic Art, for example, is sometimes unintelligible.However, it follows certain rules, so you will think that the "meaningless splash of color and shape" is still visually appealing.If you do not understand the meaning of design composition, you cannot discuss this topic.
When creating an art work, the combination of various design elements on the canvas defines the design combination, where each element coordinates with each other so that the design looks complete.This combination can be achieved by using the following design principles.In this case, balance is related to the balance of our body or what we think is balanced.
Balance can be symmetrical or asymmetric.
In both cases, it is designed to provide visual stability.In a two-The size design can only understand the balance based on our perception.The symmetrical design arranges all elements on the center axis (horizontal or vertical) so that space on both sides is equal.
If we assume this from the design point of view on paper, no matter how wide it is, the amount of white space left around the design should be equal.The design of asymmetry will be relative to the design of symmetry, so it will be more complicated.The objects here are balanced with each other and they don't necessarily run around the central axis.
Nevertheless, balance can be achieved as long as it is visually composed.The picture above provides an example of asymmetric balance.Objects are placed below the horizontal center axis, but other design principles are used to coordinate the image.
Scale refers to the size of the object compared to other objects in the design.The design must be combined to scale according to the size of the paper it is preparing.Each object must be designed to scale, and all objects must be designed to the same scale of zoom.
Scale refers to the size of a part of an object compared to the rest of the object.Proportion must be understood in scale.For example, if you are designing a building, the window should be proportional to the building according to the proportion selected.In another case, if you try the logo, the size of the logo should be proportional to the printed business card and it will be used according to the scale of the signage.
In the picture above, only one object is used as a design element.However, these objects are proportional to the overall situation.Also, all 5 objects, although similar, are to be scaled.
Duplicates are used to create patterns in the design, and specific elements are reused in the design.This repetition may be clearly visible or potentially, and can be noticed after a clear understanding of the image.Repetition is used to create rhythm.Rhythm is used to create order in the design composition.
Depending on the selection of the elements used, the pattern of the rhythm may vary.These two principles are often described as providing the image with a "visual beat" so that these principles do not create monotony in the image, and often different forms of repetition are used to create a variety of effects.Elements may be the same, for example, but a hierarchy can be given.
Alternatively, these elements can be used alternately with other elements.This can be explained from the perspective of interior design.In the room, a special material, such as wood, is used to highlight the design.
However, wood is used in different ways to make unique furniture.Therefore, repetition is broken with the use of variety and rhythm.All these changes bring vitality to the design, not to make it dull and tedious.
The picture above gives a perfect example of repetition.Repeat an object constantly.However, in order to remain monotonous, one of them is green and the rest is blue.This increases the diversity of images.In short, emphasis is used to attract the attention of the audience.
The design elements can be emphasized using color, hierarchy, contrast, texture, shape or position compared to the rest of the design.Of course, to emphasize this element, the existence of other elements and design principles is essential.For example, when preparing the architectural design of a building, there are no trees in the background, there is a road in front of the building, and maybe there are a few more people who cannot emphasize the architectural design.
In addition, there may be one aspect of the building itself that needs to be emphasized.In short, the point in design is to create a focus.The focus in the picture above is the green object, which is clearly highlighted in the monotonous background and other objects.
It is also important to note that the highlighted object creates an asymmetric balance, but the picture looks uniform.Any design should lead to harmony and should look uniform.When combined to create a design, the principles should be coordinated with each other.
Splash of unrelated objects or images cannot create unity.Instead, unification is achieved by using all or any of the above design principles.There will be objections to the use of various methods against unity.
However, it is important to understand that unity can be achieved even in terms of diversity.Harmony is here.For example, when you consider Web design, the final web page must be viewed based on its title, content, sidebar that provides information, and various advertisements posted above.The various elements of the design should be combined to create and consolidate this design principle.
These above-The mentioned principles are abstract and can be easily introduced in the design process according to your understanding.They inspire creativity and are the basis for creating such famous works of art and design.You can also use them creatively to create unique and important works.
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