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presents: feeling sensitive - greeting card display stand

by:SAFEKA      2019-08-01
presents: feeling sensitive  -  greeting card display stand
"The best part of getting a card from you is always the poem you write.Why don't you design a row of greeting cards?"This is a question I often heard from my close friends in my early 70 s.I do not know that this is the beginning of a very successful greeting card line and the path to the Supreme Court of the United States.
It's September 1976.
I'm a single parent of an eight-year-old.year-His work is reported in newspapers and magazines in Chicago.I wrote poetry to mend a broken heart. although I wrote greeting cards since I was a child, I haven't thought about selling them until now.
After doing my research, I saw the gap in the card industry.I believe I can fill it with cards and verses to help many people communicate how they feel.Although I have no experience in marketing or card industry, I am full of great ideas and committed to learning as I move forward.
I extracted some 32 verses from my book and designed an original card concept with a unique look and feel.I imagine a chrome.The top is an electroplating display stand with my photo and name, and the back is a feel sensitive title™"For those who have feelings, this is a lost and found department."™A few weeks later, I received a call announcing that I had won the honor nomination award in the national competition for outstanding interior design of the year.
I was invited to attend the ceremony in New York.While I am happy to receive this award, I think it is an opportunity to promote my card.I'm glad I packed my hands.Make samples and travel to New York.I am happy to get my first order from the greeting card buyer at the Bloomingdale store.
Next, I arranged a sales agency to sell my cards at the upcoming New York Stationery Fair-a very important step.My printed card entered a small lively shop.Within six days, I received a re-ordered order in the mail and received a message saying that the customer was buying it for a few people.
Feeling sensitive from the start.
™It is a great success.
I rented space at the Chicago Gift Show to open a retail account.Sensitive feeling™The Evening News and other unique shows have greeting cards.I flew to Boston for another trade show.On the last afternoon, the sales manager of a company on the East Coast walked into my booth and said: "The President of our company is interested in distributing your card line nationwide.
We have a strong sales team and can do a great job for you.Why don't you think about it, call him?"In the end, I authorized two people from this company.year period.Sensitive feeling™It was a national success and they sold millions of cards while my dealer told his customers that "it's the best sensitive verse greeting card series ever released.
Two years later, our agreement will be renewed.I chose not to update for many reasons.They choose to create a card line that looks similar.I felt sensitive before I knew it.™Display starts filling with rip lines.Many uninformed retailers sell them with my photos, names and sensitive feelings™Trademark.
In the next eight years, when their company went public, their imitation card drove the wave of my success, and Forbes magazine listed my former dealer as one of the richest people in the United States.The consequences of being torn off are terrible.It destroyed every area of my life and hurt my family.
I was in debt, despair, and struggle for ten years.My son Sean and I went through the most difficult times because the debt went up and the legal issues followed.I sue the company for copyright infringement and trade clothing.
I have a battle for "David and Gelia" and a brave lawyer who agreed to take my case in an emergency.We have accumulated our evidence and waited nearly eight years for a jury trial in federal court.When it happened, an archival witness admitted that as early as the year 00 s, he began searching for historical greeting card archives, but did not find a card line containing all sensitive design elements.
™The jury found the dealer guilty of violating my copyright and trade clothing rights, copying all my concepts and feelings.We are reported to have made a profit of $4.$3 million, they appealed the verdict.We waited another two years until the Court of Appeal made a ruling in our favor.
They shamelessly appealed to the United States Supreme Court.We waited another four and a half months until the Supreme Court refused to hear their appeal and as a result they had to pay interest.I seized my success and persisted tenaciously until the Supreme Court of the United States, and I won my 10-year battle.
Now, I'm proud to say that every time an artist creates something unique, my iconic case is there to protect them.* This article is re-published with the best permissionSell wake up...Live your life in the book series
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