point of sale touch screen system from vrp - - retail counter

by:SAFEKA      2019-08-17
point of sale touch screen system from vrp -  -  retail counter
As the PC-based point-of-sale system of restaurants became more and more common, the touch screen began to gain great momentum in the post-90 s.With the increasing stability of Microsoft Windows in 1995, Visual Retail Plus is a pioneer in entering the retail sales point through on-screen touch.Many questions are raised about the requirements, and those who do not see the future are stuck with a limited DOS function key and cannot perform the most complex tasks.
Remember Alt-Shift-C.
"cash" or CTRL-X exit screen?Today we can only laugh at how primitive we are.The following big things about retail outlets are the mouse.With IBM's endless jokes about instructions on "how to replace the mouse ball", we quickly learned that precious retail counter space should be used to package and sign credit card sheets.
The mouse was the first to fail and the most obvious solution was the screen touch.Three main types are proposed by the manufacturer: Capacitor type, resistor type and infrared typeRed.Each has its advantages and disadvantages in terms of rigor, reliability, and response time, and we end up with almost the only retail product-capacitors.
The aging population of the cashier is difficult to use the mouse. The small space on the cashier desk limits the work of the mouse. standing beside us, the cashier is almost an impossible position for the mouse operation.
The screen with tilt function and responsive screen touch is easy to use, durable and intuitive.The checkout process must be fast and easy, and the touch screen provides good support for it.The 19 inch keyboard and full-square-foot mouse pad are not required for smooth, fast and elegant operation.
Combined with advanced retail point of sale systems such as Visual Retail Plus,Designed for touch screens, the screen program enhances the operator's experience.Over the years, training cashiers has taught us how to use systems designed for touch screens with visual effects, reducing the learning time to a fraction of the learning time on the keyboard and mouse.Regardless of the actual size of the screen, well-designed software ensures that the buttons at the point of sale are square and without the traditional rectangular shape, the fonts on the buttons are large enough for all types of visual levels, the universal design supports both right and left users.
"Close Window" is a big button, not a small "X" in the upper right corner ".Screen touch does not require maintenance, and some old models may require calibration when installed or when the screen resolution changes, but overall this is a fault-free design with unforeseen shortcomings.The price of the added screen touch is very low, although the user has become accustomed to mobile devices and I-Pads (and similar devices), the most natural and logical step towards a good experience for cashiers is the touch screen.
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