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point of sale display - - point of sale cardboard displays

by:SAFEKA      2019-08-15
point of sale display -  -  point of sale cardboard displays
This transaction is to exchange money for the goods the customer wants.However, the point of sale is different from the point of sale display.Displays of points of sale, usually found near or at the checkout counter, are usually found in smaller retail stores.
The actual display is provided by the manufacturer who wants to sell the product in that particular store.Batteries, chewing gum, magazines and a variety of chocolates and sweets, including soft drinks, are usually found at the display of the point of sale.These displays are designed to attract attention and bring beauty to customers.
The printing design company will make full use of the color in the design of the logo and product information outside the display to make them eye-catching.They are usually made of foam boards or the most common card boards.So they can be easily replaced or disposed of by new ones if damaged.
Although some are permanent, for example, the manufacturer needs to design a refrigerator for soft drinks to be used for a longer period of time than the card board display.Retail stores use point-of-sale displays when queuing to attract customers, which makes them mentally consider buying the product.Because they don't have the option to just walk through the product as you did when you were shopping in the aisle, it's more likely that customers will pick up one of the products shown and buy.
This is because customers can constantly see the product, so in their minds, this makes them think more about the project in some cases, which may lead to customers buying the product
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