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pets in the house - - corrugated material

by:SAFEKA      2019-08-17
pets in the house -  -  corrugated material
You really need a sound check when you have a pet.If you have a home with anything better, it can be heartbreaking to watch them die prematurely --wrenching.Just moved into a new home (vintage 1928 but restored well) and we saw a quick break with original hardwood floors covered with dog scratches in our previous residence, silk curtains have never been used as a climbing pole by cats, with new enamel, scratches and gaps on the window sill, as dogs and cats watch every passer-by with front paws on the window, beautiful landscaped yard now spoiled by urine and randomWe have pets all the time, and if forced to think about it, I can recall the previous violations, but never so clean.
In any case, I can't do it without my "rust" and his partner "Kitty."So-when you go to decorate and maintain your home, their destructive power must be taken into account.Rusty is a border collie, and dog hair ball can make the scenery in the desert look like a ball.
It's fun for them to get together.
Hot water is heated and there is no constant air blowing, so it is hard to imagine.But hair can be found.Vacuuming is a must, and a weekly bath and thorough brushing of your teeth helps with further cleaning.Because my wife and I are not in the daytime, dogs and cats like to lie on furniture.
It's a new development, but I feel nothing can stop it.The problem with the hair is beyond the scope of the floor.We must also vacuum the furniture thoroughly.
I was surprised to know how many things the cats shed, but they did.Of course, cats believe that they are very clean, especially our cats, and seem to spend a lot of time working on this.So falling off will have to be dealt.But the claws are completely different.The cat's favorite thing is to find a carpet, fabric or interior decoration, stick the claws on it and pull it.
Don't want to sound inhuman, the only reliable way to avoid damage to claws is to remove them.I'm not suggesting this right now.I think it's actually unfair.These little guys think they are hunters, and they don't have claws, so do their spirits.But some things are helpful.One is to buy a ridiculous 3 story posts with arms and legs that the cat can always use to grab his heart.
But I don't recommend it.
I mean, buy a trailer.
What I found effective was a small carton with a dense corrugated material inside.These can be hidden under a table or closet.You only need permission of about 8.I can't explain why, but cats like this, and as a result, the number of other things they destroy has dropped significantly.
If you break their house and teach them some courtesy, that's all you can do.After that, you called ...... Love for a good animal or clean house
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