Outsider Art - how to make a cardboard stand

by:SAFEKA      2019-08-13
Outsider Art  -  how to make a cardboard stand
Everyone is an artist.or a critic.But don't think that lack of technical skills means lack of talent.Creative expression is more important, and the art of outsiders shows collectors that some of the most unexpected places may have large sums of money.Collecting artwork is a fascinating hobby, but in most cases it's a game for the rich --Unfortunately, most art lovers have no way to bid for the next Matisse to be auctioned.
Of course, most people can afford to work.Famous artists and local shows are a great start, but you must definitely find works that show real talent through a lot of nonsense.For most of us, the art collection can turn around two times.
Whether it's investment or passion.
It would be great if you collect what you like, what you talk to and you don't need anything of them.In fact, most artists prefer their work to be used.On the other hand, buy a brilliant unknown piece and if they break through you can easily sell the painting in return of 1000%.
The trick is to discover artists who have the potential to become art.important.Amateur collectors usually use technical skills as a touchstone for aspiring artists, who often remain ambitious.The art school is packed with students with incredible technical skills and the ability to make incredible realistic paintings, but few people can really be a big investment --worthy name.
The reason is that art is more of a creative inspiration than a technical skill.The camera has completely reproduced the scene.The artist's job is to capture things that the camera can never capture, and the final product is the result of inspiration filtered out through a living mind.
That's why outsider art is so popular with collectors.The art of outsiders has nothing to do with color theory or balance, symmetry, or perspective.In fact, a real outsider artist has never been trained and may not even be aware of the current art world at all.
The art of the outsider is pure creative expression that can go from lighthearted and foolish to almost frightening darkness and moody --Usually, in the collection of the same artist.True outsider art is created by people who do not see themselves as artists or their own works as art.An outsider artist on the edgeThe strange guy in the street with Cokebottle towers -No matter if anyone cares, they will do what they should do.
The campaign began with the art of a psychological patient.Work done as a treatment to empty the heart and mind onto paper.Its originality has great attraction, and a movement was born.
Unfortunately, once this type of money is available, everyone joins the trend.Soon, "outsider art" became synonymous with "bad art" because untalented admirers thought they had finally found a way to be considered a "real artist.At the beginning of 2000, it seems that anyone with a glue gun is making garbage sculptures and calling them "outsider art "--But in most cases it's still just rubbish.
Real outsider art is hard to achieve, and your best bet is to find out the odd people.It is these types that produce the purest and most authentic form of this type, produce absolutely definite works, and show despicable creativity and passion.They did it for themselves.But if you can convince them to give up some work, you might just be a big breakthrough for them --A separate gallery display allows them to get some cash.
Bill trile's work begins with the art of outsiders.Until his 21 paintings were auctioned, bringing in $777,000, the demand for his work became so great that he is now considered a legitimate part of contemporary art transactions.So, don't go to the real because you can't afford it.
In fact, the demand for outsider art has grown so much that if the artist is only mentioned by their last name, they have established that you can no longer afford it.No, the best way to collect outsider art is to find an outsider yourself.Not in the gallery, not in the museum, not at the art fair.
Looking for Strange.
Talk to the guy who stuck the doll head on the van.Make friends with ladies sewing giant pomPut on her clothes and argue with herself.In the worst case, you may have an interesting conversation.
Best of all, you might be able to pay $50 for something that can get six digits a day.But if they call themselves an outsider artist, run away.Because they're not.In this case, consciousness denies the possibility.
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