no space, no soil, no problem: build an instant vegetable garden - custom life size cut out

by:SAFEKA      2019-08-22
no space, no soil, no problem: build an instant vegetable garden  -  custom life size cut out
My back lawn is planted in 2 inch of the sand on top of the glacier hard drive, a mixture of fine sand and gravel that is as hard as concrete.
This is not a good place for vegetable production.
Or until I start to nail together boxes made of 2X12 s and fill them with dirt.
You can put this unit on the lawn and start harvesting the salad in two weeks.
You need: 10-4
2X12 foot length 3 12-
2X6 feet long distance garden center 2 yards top soil 36' landscape fabric 1 roll (
Just cheap things)
Several sets of bedding factories from nurseryIf if there is no waste wood in your yard, please go to the building supply store.
What you want is an ordinary spruce board. They are cheap.
Do not buy pressure-treated wood because it contains poison that seeps into the soil.
You can use cedar as a box if you have plenty of cash, but the whole point of this project is that it can be done very cheaply.
Take out weedwhacker and extend the scalp of the lawn down to the ground throughout the area of your new garden space.
Nail or screw your 2x12 boards together to form a square.
I also used 1/2 galvanized steel to reinforce the corners, but this is not absolutely necessary.
Cut the four-length landscape fabrics, place them in boxes that overlap about four to 6 inch and make sure to hide the edges under the sides of the wooden box.
Cut 2x6 boards into three piecesfoot lengths (
Or did it in the building supply yard, they often Custom Cut for free).
Grow the wooden nails square.
They won't be perfect squares, but just make sure to put them together in the exact same way so you can stack them.
Place one rectangle in the middle of the big box at the top of the other.
Enlarge the gravel about two or 3 inch at the bottom of the box and put a square landscape fabric in the box to ensure that all the gravel is covered.
This deep Center is good for a cascading herb garden or vines such as cucumbers or pumpkins that have deep straight roots.
This structure is about two yards of soil.
If you can pull a pickup truck directly to the box, do it.
Otherwise, make friends with your trolley. (
It's right next to the house, right where you left it three years ago. )
I promise you, this rig will pay for itself.
Your Timber bill (
If you don't clean it up)is about $90.
Your land costs about $100.
This summer you can easily grow food worth between $400 and $600.
The final investment in the garden center is about $30.
Here is my starter kit for fast food restaurants: two trays of six leaf lettuce plants, two cucumber vines, one zucchini Vine, two tomato vines, one pot of basil, one pot of parsley, one pot of beef, to several seeds including mesclun mix that makes you feel delicious. bag, when you grow spinach and kale, be sure to use a lot of water to "mud" at the roots ". First-
Time garden soil is usually fertile enough for the plants I listed, but adding a small amount of complete organic fertilizer to the soil under each plant will increase your yield.
Recipes at home-
I have mixed organic fertilizer on my blog.
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