NASCAR Fans See Thrill Ride - life sized cardboard cut outs

by:SAFEKA      2019-08-23
NASCAR Fans See Thrill Ride  -  life sized cardboard cut outs
They appear once a year, more than 100,000 people, all over the land and acres of humanity in Mount Sonoma.They arrived early and stayed late in order to occasionally catch a glimpse of the colored cars that were driving at an amazing speed.For some of us, the appeal may be puzzling.
Hypothesis--Proved by unscientific walkingResearch around-Most NASCAR fans support the wreck, and some see civil war as a temporary setback.But yesterday, Jeff Gordon showed why so many people were willing to fight the Sun, the wind, the dust and the hellish traffic congestion in order to watch the Winston Cup match.In a way, Gordon let everyone know the secret.
It will take a while, but the charm of NASCAR becomes apparent in the last few laps of Save Mart/Kragen 350 in Sears corner.Gordon got a perfect two.minute drill.Do you want excitement?Gordon broke through six cars in the 14 th circle, ahead of a route that, according to his estimate, only allowed the driver a logical point of safe passage.For his highest achievement, Gordon surpassed leader Bobby Hamilton in the second lap.
He turned Hamilton out of the inside and ran inside the hairpin ---Turn 11 to believers--Then stuck it directly.Even if you don't know your front end from your rear, you can appreciate the talent ---and the guts --Gordon took the initiative.Even if you come out of a lifetime of non-mechanical movement, you will immediately know that Gordon's lead is to distinguish ordinary people from extraordinary performers.
"Come in, you think the first car over 24 is a 24-year-old car," Hamilton said of Gordon ."."They are champions."Gordon usually doesn't get such selfless support from other riders.Of course, he is a fairy.The legendary prince in the world of selfAnnounce the frog.
He is 26 years old.
he is in good health.
Talk, he takes the offensive game that's usually left for meAt 80 on Friday nightHe also won, which increased his courage.Yesterday was his fourth win in the Winston Cup.It earned him and his team more than $160,000 in revenue, bringing his game revenue close to $1.
This year 7 millionHe also took the lead in the series he won last year.(As evidence of Gordon's status, one of the auxiliary entertainment activities offered to racing fans yesterday was the opportunity to be photographed ---Free--with a life-Gordon size cardboard figure just decorated with pink lace panties and lipstick.It is speculated that affiliated entertainment activities are also an important part of NASCAR's charm.
Gordon doesn't seem to reflect the good.
ol'-The rebellious spirit of the boy, and the racing car has always been the pursuit of rebellion.NASCAR, however, is a great cross-cutting person;While retaining part of the spirit of political correctness, it has gained a wide range of appeal.On the one hand, where else is the nicotine content so high in the world?Gordon advertised milk and appeared in the cereal box.
He is also a Westerner.
-Born on the way to Vallejo, he lived there until the age of 13.At the time, his father thought his son had a limited chance of playing in California.Or a child-Labor or safety laws, but the Gordon couple moved to the Midwest and got a return.
When he was young, Jeff played in places like Rio Linda, Fremont and Sunnyvale, but he never had a reason to go to Sears corner.Since he became a pro and began to dominate the track, he has been circling the race as the one he wants to win."This is a dream come true," Gordon said .
""We have been trying to win this game for a long time."Gordon and Hamilton entered 11 laps in the final round and Hamilton tried to get it to work on the rapidly deteriorating tyres.They hit it a few times and nothing was too annoying, NASCAR officials sent a message that the 24 th and 4 th need to calm down.
The news never came to Gordon.
Gordon's crew chief, Ray effenham, somehow hung up with his driver."I don't know anything about it," Gordon said ." He looked at Everton curiously."It's just a good game.Evernham explained: "I think I'm a little busy.
I don't worry about both of them.
Hamilton did not bother with this, and he gave a precise assessment: "That's why we have this sport ---we got fenders."Traditionally, racers credit much of their credit to sponsors, pit crew, race promoters, asphalt engineers and inventors, but Gordon's contribution cannot be discounted.He thanked all the right people, but in the end, he made a difficult decision and made them succeed.
As one of the unlimited number of racing T-The shirt showed that he was driving as if he had stolen it.There is nothing to praise near here
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