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Mexican Tattoos - how to make a cardboard stand

by:SAFEKA      2019-08-05
Mexican Tattoos  -  how to make a cardboard stand
Mexican tattoos depict a rich history of Mexican culture.Tattoos have traditional and religious styles, and their symbolic significance is the most important.Tattoos are not only decorated as a fashion manifesto, but also depict a person's character and personality.
Mexican tattoos are symbolic, mainly inspired by Mexican civilization and culture.These patterns are similar to tribal tattoos depicting their traditional and social status.These themes are mainly inspired by Maya, Aztec, Inca and Spanish culture, and they play an important role in making Mexican tattoo art so popular.
Aztec tattoo is the most popular of all Mexican religious tattoos.Tattoos are mainly sacred gods and goddesses of the Aztec tribe.To give a few examples, Quetzalcoatl (god of fertility, creativity and weather) and Snake God (the most powerful) are very popular among Mexicans.
Tattoos of Huitzilopochtli or the sun god (symbol of the belief in life after death) are also popular.Tezcatlipoca (god of warriors) tattoos are tattoos on people who seek power and want to live like warriors.Other traditional symbols include religious design, with both hands bowed in prayer and surrounded by a halo.
Aztec tattoos are more humble and etched in honor of God in order to receive the blessings of fertility, prosperity and health.Today, many modern elements are incorporated into the ancient design.People are more willing to use them as religious symbols and wear them to promote their fashion shops.
Thus, Mexican tattoos evolved into flag tattoos, Mafia tattoos, gang tattoos, skull tattoos and prison tattoos.Mexican Mafia tattoos represent the Mexican Mafia, which rules the hearts of many Mexican tattoo lovers.They are carved into "mm" or the eagle holding the snake in his mouth with the initials "eme.
Black hands also say mafia tattoos.
Mexican gang tattoos or Mexican prison tattoos are different from mafia patterns.This tattoo has gorgeous tattoo fonts.They are also known as Spanish tattoos and contain images representing Christianity.They are iconic representation of Christ, the cross, the Saints, and the Virgin Mary.
In this way, tattoo artists create striking religious symbols that demonstrate true faith in ancient Mexican culture.Mexican-Americans wear skull tattoos in memory of their deceased relatives.It represents the days of death or Mexican vacation in Mexican history.
The Mexican skull tattoo is very sexy and popular among young people.The two variants are the fighter Mexican skull and the Mexican sugar skull.The symbolism of the Mexican sugar skull is still vague.
They were carved in half.
The part of the face is covered with a flesh skull, etched in multiple colors.This makes the sugar skull quite provocative.The warrior skull is actually a symbol of the bravery and reverence of the warrior who sacrificed his life.
They reflect the attributes of strength and soldiers.The Mexican flag tattoo represents pride and vanity.The Mexican flag has three colors: green, white and red, with an eagle in the middle.
Each color has a different meaning.
Red symbolizes sacrifice and unity, green symbolizes freedom and hope, and white symbolizes purity and faith.The eagle, with a snake in its mouth, is thought to have landed on the cactus (this sign is very different from the sign of Spanish civilization ).The person wearing the Mexican flag tattoo actually works far away from home and is proud and honored for the rich Mexican culture.
A flag tattoo is usually printed on the chest, back, upper arm and forearm.Before putting on these tattoos, I suggest you do a little research on their symbolism.It is only when tattoos complement your personality that you should consider tattoos, not just for fashion.
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