Kids' Valentine Box Ideas - stacking shoe boxes

by:SAFEKA      2019-07-19
Kids\' Valentine Box Ideas  -  stacking shoe boxes
Valentine's Day boxes are used to store special Valentine's Day cards from friends and loved ones.Children often make their own Valentine's box for school parties.Come up with some unique ideas that will excite your child this year.
Most Valentine's Day uses empty shoe boxes.There is a hole in the top lid so Valentine's card can be placed in the box.Try something new this year and create a box that no one will forget.
Any old shoe box can magically turn into a racing car.To make a car Valentine's Day box, first put a few building paper on the outside of the shoe box to cover the writing.Some paper edges should be folded to the inside of the box.
Try fixing the paper with tape.
Don't forget to cover too.
Before covering the lid with building paper, cut a large square hole in the center of the lid.Then, glue pre-Cut items on the side of the box.The stripes, lights, glitter, pinstripes and any other decorations you want to add are fine.
Cap for wheels.
Create a windshield on the car using a transparent plastic cup cut in half.Tape on both sides to protect small fingers from sharp edges.Tie the windshield directly to the front of the hole at the top of the box.
This makes the car look like a convertible.The princess castle is easily made using shoe boxes and tissue tubes.After choosing a color for your castle, tie the colored building paper to the side of the shoe box.
Wrap the edges of the paper to the inside of the box to hide the tape.Don't forget to cover the lid with paper.Stack two or three pieces of paper.Cover the height of the castle.Use a heavy-The duty glue to stick the box together.Try using shoe boxes of different sizes, with smaller boxes near the top and larger boxes near the bottom.
The box that keeps the top has no lid.
Here's the Valentine's card.
After covering the tissue tubes with building paper, stick them to the corner of the box.Add triangular paper to the top of the tube to create the tower for your castle.Stickers, colored bricks, glitter and ribbon signs are optional details that you may wish to add to the Valentine's box Castle.
Create a Valentine's box that looks like your child's favorite character.Cartoon characters, such as SpongeBob or robot from the UmiZoomi team, are simple characters created using shoe boxes.Before you do something else, cut an opening in the center of the shoe box lid.
Then, tape the right colored paper on the side of the box to completely cover any text.The SpongeBob is yellow and the robot is green.By removing facial features from coloring books, make this character look like it is in a comic book.
Cut the eyes, mouth, eyebrows, nose and whatever else you can stick to the box and create cartoon characters.Use a tissue tube to create legs for cartoon characters
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