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How to Treat Asthma with Aromatherapy - essential oil display case

by:SAFEKA      2019-08-02
How to Treat Asthma with Aromatherapy  -  essential oil display case
Asthma is a chronic disease of the respiratory system and is very responsive to aromatherapy.Essential oil is an integral part of aromatherapy, which has the properties of relieving depression and relieving spas, helping to relieve asthma symptoms.Essential oils extracted from plants are mainly used in aromatherapy to treat various diseases, including asthma.
Aromatherapy includes inhalation or massage of essential oils for therapeutic results.The use of essential oils for the treatment of asthma has been positively demonstrated, leading to their widespread acceptance in the treatment of these respiratory problems.Essential oils help to open the airways that contract in asthma, thus helping to breathe more easily.
Chest rubbing with aromatherapy can effectively relieve asthma symptoms.The essential oil inside is resistantHelps reduce inflammation and spas activity in asthma attacks.Applying chest friction during an asthma attack may actually help to stop respiratory distress within minutes.
In most cases, however, friction with essential oils is used to prevent asthma attacks.Chest friction made of lavender and chamomile oil is effective in treating asthma.To make, add 2 drops of chamomile oil to 8 drops of lavender oil.
This mixture is now combined with 20 drops of carrier oil such as poached or sweet almond oil.Use this mixture twice a day to prevent asthma attacks.When asthma seems to be difficult to catch, inhaling steam with lavender oil may help you.
Add 6 drops of lavender essential oil to a bowl of hot water.After adding lavender essential oil, inhalation of the resulting steam has a high therapeutic value and can immediately relieve asthma attacks.Mint oil is a natural antihistamine that can effectively control asthma.
After exposure to allergens, tissue amine is released into the body, which usually leads to asthma attacks.Antihistamine negates the role of tissue amine that helps control the symptoms of asthma and makes us feel better.Therefore, in order to relieve breathing, it is recommended to inhale steam with mint oil.
Combine a drop of mint oil with a teaspoon of carrier oil, such as coconut oil, and then massage the mixture of the chest, back and even the soles of the feet.By doing so on a regular basis, you will be sure to notice an improvement in your condition.Fragrant essential oil has long been used as a defenseAsthma and immune boosterSimply spreading and inhaling undiluted essential oils of frankincense can effectively improve this condition.
Drop a few drops of frankincense essential oil on your handkerchief and then breathe in regularly, which also helps to soothe your respiratory tract.Mint oil is a kind of trachea dilator, that is, it broadens the air passage, allowing the air to flow freely into the lungs.It has a soothing effect on the respiratory tract and can relieve respiratory problems related to asthma.
Put a few drops of mint oil into the nebulizer (containing distilled water) and then breathe in the mist to help clear the lungs.Other essential oils that help improve asthma breathing are eucalyptus oil, marjoram oil and ginger oil.Different types of diffuser are devices that help spread the aroma of essential oils in the room.
Asthma symptoms may improve when breathing in a room filled with fragrance.For the purpose of diffusion, one can use lavender oil or blue tansy oil, because it is known that these oils can make breathing easier for asthma patients.In terms of the use of aromatherapy chest friction, the best time is to apply it at intervals between two consecutive asthma attacks.
Aromatherapy is more of a preventive measure to reduce the incidence of asthma attacks.However, if you feel better when rubbing your chest during an asthma attack, there is no harm.In addition, you need to use aromatherapy at the same time as the treatment, instead of replacing prescription drugs.
The frequent use of aromatherapy can definitely reduce the dependence on prescription drugs.The smell test is very important before you use essential oils to treat asthma.Many times, inhalation of scented products can aggravate the symptoms of asthma.
If asthma patients are too sensitive to smells, they may suffer a serious response.Since most essential oils have a strong fragrance, smell the essential oils you are going to use to make sure you are comfortable with the smell
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