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How to Make Your Own Cardboard Cutouts - small custom cardboard cutouts

by:SAFEKA      2019-07-28
How to Make Your Own Cardboard Cutouts  -  small custom cardboard cutouts
Did you ever walk past a shop and stare at the cardboard cuts of all the famous characters and think, "If I can only do something like this ?"?The process is simpler than you think.Cardboard cuts are creative ways to bring our favorite characters or movie scenes into life, and they can make spectacular gifts on special occasions.There are some basic tips to make the production process more smooth and simple.
Find a high-Resolution photo.
No matter what image you want to display on a cardboard cut, the only way to make an obviously pleasing image is to use the highResolution images, which can be enlarged to size without sacrificing quality.A good rule of thumb for large images is to use only the picture size of more than 10 pixels to make sure the lines of the entire image are clear.Fast Google search can provide some fast and effective solutions for this method;Type the word "high resolution" and the type of image you are looking for, and then click "image" to narrow the search to only pictures.
Zoom in on your pictureNumerous high-The resolution image amplification program can make the picture larger without sacrificing a large amount of quality or pixelation.The main aspect of the ideal program is its ability to print out an image on multiple sheets of paper and assemble it like a jigsaw puzzle.Another option is to look for a print shop that can produce the images and sizes you are looking;This approach may be costly.
Arrange the image to the cardboard.
When the printing is finished, you stare at a bunch of paper with all parts of your image on it, and without using any glue, arrange the pieces in the correct order on the cardboard, to ensure that you have everything and that no pieces are applied orUse strong glue to stick each piece to the position on the cardboard.When you glue each piece, check all the edges to make sure they are well arranged and firmly bonded together.Cut the pictureAfter the glue is completely dry, place the cardboard on the cutFriendly surface and cut on the edge of the cardboard shape.
Be sure to leave some extra cardboard at the bottom, slide into your cut bracket, or fold into a box that can support this drawing
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