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How to Make Your Business Cards UNFORGETTABLE - how to make a cardboard display stand

by:SAFEKA      2019-08-23
How to Make Your Business Cards UNFORGETTABLE  -  how to make a cardboard display stand
Last update: a business card in May 30, 2015 is the best friend of the entrepreneur and his most valuable marketing tool.Unfortunately, too many people have business cards and just fit into the many cookie cutting cards that already exist.Follow these four steps to make your business card unforgettable.
Every time you hear someone say, "Can I ask for a business card for you ?"?"You should get excited.I know I do.Because I like my card.It took me hours to design 10 different layouts until I got them right.It's all worth it.Business cards are the best friend of the entrepreneur, the most valuable marketing tool for him or her, and an important factor to become unforgettable.
Unfortunately too many people have business cards and just incorporate a lot of cookie cutter crap.It's a shame because a business card is stronger than you think.Of course, it's impossible to know this unless you really have a very, very good card.
Therefore, this article will examine the four corners of the unforgettable business card™: 1.Stacking Up 2.Standing Out 3.Creative promotion 4.Implementation corner #1: How is your card stacked?Think back to the last trade show, networking event, seminar, meeting, social time or association meeting you attended.How do people react to your business card?Did they praise the design?Put it in your pocket?Show it to others?Rip it up?No matter what your answer is, your card makes some kind of impression.
However, only the most creative, unique and memorable business cards can make an unforgettable impression.These types of cards can cause reactions, such ...... If you have heard similar compliments before, congratulate you!You're on the right track.
Related: avoid the 10 most common business card mistakes that remind me of Gus, who works for a company called Rocket Group.He and I sat together at a sales seminar a few years ago.In the program, the host asks the audience to exchange cards and get to know each other.
Gus's cards are amazing: thick, colorful, double sided, bold, shiny, and most importantly, simple.(It's not surprising-he's advertising!But this is the best time I have ever seen.So we introduced ourselves, exchanged cards and talked for a few minutes.
That's it.
I think it's a good guy.
Now, there's a cool part: While Gus and I didn't really keep in touch, I never threw away his card.Let me show you!In fact, I even used it as a prop on some of my webinars!His card is so good.How's your one?Keep this question in mind as you continue reading.
Now, let's go into the next section to see why certain cards stand out more than others.Corner 2: Recently, I took out 66 business cards I have collected over the years and put them on the table.I close my eyes for 30 seconds, open my eyes and write down the most prominent cards.
Here's what I noticed: this is a valuable exercise to understand memorable business cards, which I recommend to everyone.Try it out!Collect dozens of accumulated cards from your desk and discover which cards stand out.Oh, don't forget to pile up your own cards.
You will be surprised by what you see.
Related: use your business card or 12 ways to attract customers that you can't see.Corner 3: Now that you have analyzed your own card and have access to a large number of other people's cards, then the creative and unique way to enhance your card, your mind should have new, creative ideas.This is the best time to brainstorm your cards.
So take a blank sheet of paper.
Come up with as many ideas as possible.
Play your creativity to the fullest!To help you get started, here are 16 ideas to make your business card memorable: 1.Rectangular in size or shape, schmectangle.I have seen squares, circles, oval shapes and triangles.
Each shape is linked to the brand, and each shape stands out in the endless regression of the same old rectangle.2.Chocolate business cards (yes, they do)-Several companies have an online catalog of personalized chocolate business cards.Expensive?Yes.Delicious?Probably.Memorable?You better believe it.3.Trading card-if your company is team oriented, get the trading card with your "player" pictures and stats.
Then encourage your customers and prospects to "collect all 12!”4.Cartoon-commissioned custom cartoon for the back of your card.It's cheap for your business and absolutely unique.
Table/chart-includes some amazing statistics on the mortgage interest form or on the back.For those mathematically challenging and effective methods, these are reminders to help you position yourself as a resource.6.Pop-Ups-like children's books, some business cards can be folded and printed and pop upup cards.
Think twice-dimensionally!7.
Credibility-the smartest thing I do with business cards is to add color images of my two books.Instant credibility.Also, I noticed that the reaction I gave to the person who gave the card changed immediately.One lady even said, "Scott, this is the coolest business card I 've ever seen!The money is well spent.
Related: business cards that will make your business better.Rubber Stamps-buy 10 different custom rubber stamps for the back of the card.When someone asks for one, just say "pick a card, any card!”9.
My friend Lisa works at the Iwata Fire Department.Her business card has a burnt hole in the middle of each card!It looks very real.Most printers offer this feature with a nominal feel.
You can also specify various shapes, bite marks, or hole sizes.10.Recipes-if you work in an industry related to food, kitchen or home;Include one of your favorite recipes on the back!11.The material uses leather, blink, or brail business cards (yes, they do exist as well!)12.
Language-if your business needs international travel, consider providing multiple languages or printing a phonetic spelling of a name that is difficult to pronounce.13.Motivation-if you are an inspirational type, include famous quotations, Bible verses, or movie lines related to your brand.Be sure to read aloud when you give someone your card, which may make them happy!14.
Sticker-print one side of the card on the sticky sticker.This provides the recipient with a peel tag for a reminder, appointment, or phone number.15.Non-Card-who says the card must be a card?After all, the first rule of creativity is "break all the rules!"I 've seen millions of dollars in banknote cards, Coin cards, and even a banker in Boston, and the business card he uses is actually a miniature check, and every time he takes out one, he tore it off the matThe possibilities are endless.
Double Up-use your card as something "double" other than the card ".For example, my business card and brand name are double.As a result, people always stick it on their shirts.
Thanks for the free promotion!Four Corners: implementation once you come up with the layout for your new, creative, memorable business card, there are only two things left to do: print it out and distribute it out!First of all, remember some rules when you get close to the printer: it's OK to spend money-when I pay taxes this year, I calculated 11 times I reprinted the business card.My income also doubled from the previous year.Again, the money is well spent.Local is better-you can work closely with the designer by choosing a local printer;Touch, feel and smell your paper and even do a few tests until you make the card perfect.
It's good that some merchants choose to use online channels.The only problem with this approach is that most cards designed, created and ordered over the internet look like they were designed, created and ordered over the Internet.OK.Once you have a new card, remember some of the last Rules: Reminder-be sure to tell people that you have a new card.
Even if they already have your old one, they will be happy to accept it.Highlight some of the latest, most unique attributes.Also, if you print on both sides of the new card, remember to tell people the back of your card;Or hand them the back of the card so they know there's more to it.
Etiquette-don't lightly throw thousands of cards at everyone in front of you to "handle the deck ".If so, not only will you become a very scary network practitioner™But you will waste your money.Remember: people throw away business cards from people who don't build rapport or make connections.
Finally, when you are ready, put your hand in your pocket and pick up a business card.Take a closer look.Then say this affirmation out loud: "This is my business card.There are a lot of other people out there, but none of them are like me-because no one else is like me.
My business card is not a formality.
This is not a piece of paper with my name and contact details.It's not another annoying thing to put in my pocket.My business card is the most important web tool I have.
This is a reflection of my personal brand, and I took a bite.The size of my business mission.I like my business card.I can't wait until someone asks me for one.Because when they do, I will find a way to give that person value.
"When your business card is never lifted to unforgettable, I promise you will feel great.Your confidence will soar.From that moment on, whenever someone asks "Can I ask for a business card for you ?"?"It's like music to you.©2004 All Rights Reserved.ScottGinsberg is a professional speaker and is "the most important domain expert in the world" and the author of the name of hell is the power of scottand approachable.
He spoke to companies and associations who wanted to be memorable communicators-once.For reservations or more information, please go to towww.Hell,
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