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How to Make Weatherproof Signs - how to make a cardboard stand

by:SAFEKA      2019-07-22
How to Make Weatherproof Signs  -  how to make a cardboard stand
Whether you're making signs for outdoor courtyard sales, your garden, or advertising for business, wind and rain your logo will allow you to not have to re-make the autumn signs that are sun-drenched, it's rainy or snowy.Weatherproof material can protect your Constellation from fading in the sun, running in the rain and snow and not breaking down into anything.Print or write your logo on plain paper.Paste it on the back of a piece of cardboard of the same size to make the logo strong and stand.
The stronger your logo is, the more it will be able to withstand strong winds.Cover the logo with transparent packing tape.Packing Tape--Use horizontal or vertical motion--On paper and cardboard, put the two materials together.
The transparent packaging tape is an effective waterproof material that prevents water from damaging the paper below.Take your paper sign and laminate it on the laminating machine.The laminate provides a front and rear coating so that the paper is protected by the plastic sheet.
The sheets are weatherproof and can be wet without damaging the sign.Apply a waterproof sealant to your logo with a brush.By providing protective coatings, waterproof sealing materials lock the materials they are coated with so that the sun, hail, snow and rain do not destroy them.
Print the logo on waterproof paper.
Waterproof paper is specially designed paper that has been waterproof and ready to get wet without being destroyed.This type of paper can be purchased at a dedicated paper company or manufacturer.Frame your logo behind the plexiglass frame.
The glass acts as a shield to protect the paper sign behind it.Mix four parts of cooked lime with three parts of skim milk and a small drop of alum.Brush two layers of coating on the poster board to prevent wind and rain.
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