How to Make Sock Puppets with Kids, Cheap Easy Fun video - where can i get a life size cardboard c

How to Make Sock Puppets with Kids, Cheap Easy Fun [video] - where can i get a life size cardboard cutout

by:SAFEKA      2019-07-28
How to Make Sock Puppets with Kids, Cheap Easy Fun [video]  -  where can i get a life size cardboard cutout
Making sock puppets is cheap and fun!Looking for a fun project to do with your kids?So far this has to be my favorite, make a sock puppet.Not only will you be connected when making puppets, but you and your child can enjoy hours of interactive fun creating new personalities and activities for each creation.Use your imagination here..Maybe your sock puppet is bald or painted-on hair.
Or your puppet has colored fabric hair.
Your Puppet hairstyle is limited only by your creative thinking.I often make interesting teeth with simple small pieces of fabric that are cut into scallop shapes and then stick to the mouth.Add a tongue to your puppet mouth for a bit of fluffy fun!It can be part of your sock puppet design if you can imagine it!Hot glue or fabric glue (hot glue requires adult supervision-they call it "hot" for a good reason "!(The video at the top clearly shows these steps, which makes it easier to create your own funny sock puppet!Collect all the materials you will use.
(If one is used) so that it can be heated, make sure you have a backupup glue sticks.Place some kind of protective cover on your work surface so you don't have any glue or scratch.Pick your sock.Trace the size of your hand to the cardboard with a marker and cut it into an oval shape.
Fold it into a uniform half to form a comfortable mouth shape.Spread the cardboard flat again.Trim the felt to fit the shape of the cardboard cut.Cut a straight line at the top of the sock (where the toes go) to create an opening for the puppet's mouth.
Run a hot glue bead along the outer edge of the cardboard, then stick it to the opening you just cut at the tip of the sock.edge.Be careful, the glue is really hot!Stick the felt to the cardboard and make sure you stick to the cardboard so that it covers the folded edge of the sock you just glued to the cardboard cut.Set aside.Pull the sock puppet to your hand so you know where the eyes will look best when stuck in the proper position.
You can mark this point with a pen.
Stick the eyeball on the head of the puppet.Add hair and nose, or any other accessories like glasses, teeth, ties, shirts, jewelry, or anything else your puppet needs!Slide your sock puppet onto your arm and let the fun begin!Perfect for fundraising.yard-.They are amazing teaching tools (kids can't take their eyes off them!).
As a creative gift, it is a pleasure to give it to you.The donation programs for churches, youth centers and children's organizations are fantastic.You will find hours of fun for your own children (and adults.
them!During any budget crunch at home or school, they prepare for a very cheap project.You already have most or all of the things you need at home (no new things to buy ).Now that you 've learned how to make sock puppets, be sure to share the fun!Get your child involved, or add this project to your child's birthday party or even art class.
Fun is endless, and what your child will share with you through the magic of puppets will bring laughter and exciting memories to your life!Make your own sock puppet now!
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