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How to Make Kissing Balls - how to make a cardboard stand

by:SAFEKA      2019-08-11
How to Make Kissing Balls  -  how to make a cardboard stand
Kiss balls decorate your outdoor decor and add a vibrant color to the monochrome.So dig out all those discarded materials and read on and know how to make a kiss ball.Making a kiss ball is a fun event, which also adds to the aesthetics of your celebration.
It increases the viewing value of your decor by introducing some colors.It is very easy to make these suspension decorations and also gives you enough space to try different kinds of craft materials.These can be hung in the celebrations, and even decorate your outdoors on normal days.
Interestingly, kissing balls can also be thrown away with discarded fabrics, ribbons and dried flowers.To make a kiss ball you need a variety of evergreen leaves, branches, dried pods, cones, foam plastic balls or you can also use a sponge ballPin of shape, green paint, Cut Knife, Berry, wire of flower shop, green paint and glue.You can use artificial green plants that are easy to buy in hobby stores, or if you want to look natural, you have to pick these yourself.
Wires and cutters can be purchased from hardware stores.You will find dried flowers, cones and pods in the flower shop.Plug in U diskPut the pin of the shape into the ball so that it can make holes in two gaps between the balls.
Now fill the hole with hot glue and insert the pin again.Let the glue cool to the needle stick very well, just like the hook.First paint the ball green, so that the white part will not appear later.
Let the paint dry and start the process work.Now separate the leaves from the branches and stick carefully to the ball.Glue the leaves onto the green surface of the ball.
Make a thick layer of leaves on the ball.
You can also put it together with a pin as the leaves may stick out.Kiss the ball with the leaves of needles for your winter look.Let the leaves and branches fall naturally instead of sticking them together with extra glue.
If you don't have green leaves, use moss.
It will bring a different green to your ball and make it look very green.So, keep using the moss you like to cover the rest of the ball.If you are using real berries, use the wire from the florist to pin them randomly into the ball.
If you represent berries with shiny red plastic balls, stick them with glue.You can also use flowers if berries are hard to find.Make this ball and the roses and carnations look very beautiful.
Now make a huge bow from the ribbon and string it up by the hook at the top.Let the loose end of the bow fall on the kiss ball.You can use some curly ribbons to make the ball look fuller and more decorative.
Finally, sprinkle a little flash on the kissing ball and give it more-Need a surreal effect!Depending on the season and supply of flowers and leaves, you can create your own color combination for the kiss ball.You can also make the whole kiss ball with flowers and tie a ribbon that matches the color of the flowers.So, keep trying your artistic side and create some of the best kissing balls!.
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