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How to Make Felt Flowers - how to make a cardboard stand

by:SAFEKA      2019-08-11
How to Make Felt Flowers  -  how to make a cardboard stand
Felt flower is very easy to make and can be used to decorate various itemsFrom bag and key-Chain with headbandHere are some tips for fun for kids and adults as well as this craft activity.It feels like the flowers have become very popular, not only because they look attractive, but also because they are easy to make and are used in a variety of accessories.Felt fabrics have bright colors, so flowers made of this material can enhance their aesthetic value if they are added or glued to any object or artifact.
You can make a bunch of felt flowers, put them on the table where you work, or use them as the center of your table.These flowers can even be used to decorate your bag, headscarf and a variety of other accessories.They are colorful, interesting and interesting.
Once you learn to make these, you will definitely fall in love with them and want to make them on every occasion.This is a quick and easy way to make felt flowers such as headband, hairpin, bouquet or brooch for hair accessories.You will need...Cut the felt fabric into six large petals about inches wide (top wide, bottom narrow) and six small petals less than inches.
Pinch the bottom of each petal and fix it with glue.Cut out a small circle from the felt fabric.Stick large petals to the circle to form the shape of the flower.
After drying, stick the smaller petals to the larger petals to make it look like the petals in the real flower.Stick the button to the center and the felt of your lovely headband is ready!Follow the same procedure for hairpins.All you have to do is stick the flowers to the hairpin.
If you use the petals for smaller hairpins, you may consider changing the size of the petals.You will need...You can track the petal shapes of different sizes and shapes on the felt and cut accordingly.Remember to keep the size of the petals at 1-5 inches.
Each flower must cut at least 6 petals of the same size.Petals can be sewn or glued together in the center.You can make different designs by using different color petals in the same flower or changing the shape of the petals of each flower.
You can also sew buttons or beads in the center of each flower.On the back of the flower, cut on two small holes adjacent to each other in the center, large enough to accommodate the wires.Once your flowers are ready, take one end of the green line through one hole and take it out of the other.
Twist both ends together to form a stem.
You can also fix the leaves in these stems while twisting.Leaves can be made with green felt paper.Your feel bouquet is ready to be placed in a lovely vase without worrying about the wilting and wilting of the flowers!This is a simple craft for kids who will definitely love it.These flowers will be perfect gifts for special occasions such as birthdays or Mother's Day, and will prove to be fun activities for children and their parents.
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