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How to Make Fabric Flowers - how to make a cardboard stand

by:SAFEKA      2019-08-11
How to Make Fabric Flowers  -  how to make a cardboard stand
You can make your own fabric flowers with some easily accessible materials.Here are some simple ways to make such flowers.In addition to vases, dresses, headscarves and handbags, fabric flowers are also a great addition.
If you have basic ideas about using raw materials, it's really easy to make.Simple fabric flowers can be made of plain cotton, silk or printed cloth and even scrap.These simple methods do not involve complex stitching techniques.
To make a fabric flower, you need a cloth strip that is not stiff.You can also use the small strips left in your home.For smaller flowers, you have to use cloth strips of smaller size.
As the size of the stripe increases, the flower will become larger.In order to make a standard size cloth flower, you need a cloth strip about 1 inch wide and about 40 inch in length.Except for cloth strips;You need lines, needles, buttons and scissors.
It's really easy to make flowers with cloth strips.The first step is to fold the strip vertically.Now you have to make a continuous stitch along the edge of the fold.
Once you reach the other end of the cloth strip, gently pull the line so that the fabric will gather.Pull the wire until the length of the fabric becomes half of the original size.The next step is to arrange this strip into continuous layers without cutting.
In order to form a flower, you must arrange it in a spiral.Now, different layers are protected by stitching.In this method, you need to choose a fabric to make the petals.
Materials such as needles, threads, scissors and color buttons are also required.Cut six squares of 3x3 from the fabric.Now, take down each piece of clothing and fold it up in such a way that the cloth pieces form a triangle.This can be done by combining (square) two opposite angles together.
Press these triangles tightThe next step is to make continuous stitching at the opening edge of the triangle.This means that the open edges must be sewn together.Once you reach the other end and gently pull the line, the fabric looks like a petal.
Now, repeat the process of making petals from the remaining triangles.Join them in a circle, thus forming a flower.A single layer of petals can be formed or more layers can be added.
Once the petal connection is completed, you can attach a button to the center.Your fabric and flowers are ready.This is the easiest way to make fabric flowers.The raw materials are easy to buy and very few stitching.
You can try various types of clothes, colors, designs and patterns;And presents beautiful and stylish fabric flowers.All you need is some time, patience and a lot of creativity
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