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How to Make Crayons - how to make a cardboard stand

by:SAFEKA      2019-08-12
How to Make Crayons  -  how to make a cardboard stand
The basic ingredients needed to make crayons are paraffin and colorants.Here is some information on how to make crayons in business or home.Since 1903, brothers Edwin Binny and C.Harold Smith, crayons have become an essential part of every school.
No other commercial product can match the versatility of crayons.They are not as sharp or messy as other painting tools.The best thing is that they are non-toxic and have over 120 colors.
In fact, you will find that they have any painting color.Crayons play an important role in cultivating children's creativity.With regard to their market standards, there are a number of brands that have released certain types of crayons.
For example, scented crayons, crayons that glow in the dark, Glitter crayons and water --Soluble crayonsMake all these types of essential ingredients are the same, paraffin;In the process of making crayons, color and smell are added by supplementing specific ingredients.The basic components of crayons are paraffin wax and pigments, which give certain colors to crayons.In the process of making commercial crayons, first heat the paraffin until it melts.
After that, add a ghart quantitative colorant and hardened powder to the hot liquid wax.After testing the density and viscosity of the liquid mixture, it is poured into a mold made up of many crayonsshaped holes.Once the liquid mixture cools, it will solidify and form crayons.
By applying hydraulic or other removal methods on the mold, the hardened crayons are removed from the mold.Before packing, manually check if there are any defects in the crayon stick.Well-The cured and uniform crayons are labeled and packaged for release on the market.
The rest of the wax or any rejected stick is repackagedMelting and recycling for further production.This is the commercial production of crayons on such a large scale.Make them at home and you need the following ingredientsCup soap slices, food coloring (depending on the color you choose) and 1 tablespoon of hot water.
First, mix the soap flakes and hot water in a small mixing bowl.Stir the mixture evenly to form a fine paste.Slowly add the edible pigment, pinch it and stir it every time to completely dissolve the pigment.
Stop adding colors when you reach the desired crayon color.Use a small spoon to carefully add the paste to the candy mold.Make sure there are no bubbles in the mold.
Put the mold aside and let the crayons cool completely.Then remove the crayons from the mold and leave them undisturbed for the day.Follow the same procedure for making different colors.
If you wrap these homemade crayons in an attractive package, it is a perfect personalized gift.You can also melt the broken and unused sticks that make the crayons block.An interesting fact is that a child usually uses more than 700 crayons before his 10 th birthday.
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