How to Make Cardboard Miniature Houses - stacking shoe boxes

by:SAFEKA      2019-07-19
How to Make Cardboard Miniature Houses  -  stacking shoe boxes
Miniature houses make effective talk pieces for marketing displays, children's crafts, or centers customized for parties or events.This is a cheap project that offers an opportunity to reuse cardboard from boxes or packages.The key to creating real micro houses is to add details.
Make a model of your micro cardboard house on a house or picture you know.Make eyes using design guidelines and craft suppliesCapture the miniature house in the first attempt.Lay the newspaper on the table and put out the boxes and supplies of the cardboard house.
Select the box of the size of the house you want.Use a box for each house, or create two-House by stacking two identical storiessize boxes.For smaller miniatures, gift boxes and jewelry boxes are easy to use.
Shoe boxes and larger boxes are perfect for children's crafts.Mark the location of the doors and windows with a ruler and pencil.For example, remove the cover of the shoe box and turn the shoe box upside down.
Draw a door, starting at the bottom of a narrow end of the box, extending within 2 inch of the top of the box.Draw a window on each side of the door.Depending on the size of the box, the door is two to 3 inch wide and the window is three to 4 inch wide.Cut the doors and windows with scissors or tool knives.
Keep your fingers away from the blade.
Cut the door at the top and bottom and on one side it will open.Fold the card or light cardboard in half to make a pointed roof, shaped like the capital letter "".Place the folded paper upright on another card, place it on the roof of the house at the angle you want, and draw the edges of the triangle as two sides of the pattern.
Make a third face with a ruler.
Repeat, create a second triangle.
Apply 1/2 glue from the edge of the roof on each side and press it on the long edge of the box to connect the roof.Cut down two triangles.Apply the glue to three sides.Insert them at the end of the roof so that they can be placed on top of the house, and the roof is at their point.Press gently down and count 30 slowly on each end to help the glue set.
Make a chimney with a small box.
Cut one end of the box to match the roof angle.Apply glue to the bottom of the chimney and fix it on the roof.Let the glue dry for at least an hour.Paint the exterior walls and let them dry.
Paint doors and window decorations in different colors than walls, such as yellow houses with white decorations.Let the paint dry.Paint the roof in roof colors such as gray or rust.Let it dry.If needed, use a fine brush to draw lines in the shape of the wooden tile.
Draw flower boxes and flowers under windows with fine tip brushes or any other detail suitable for the house, such as decorating brass door handles with yellow paint
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