How to Make an Awesome Star Wars Clone-Trooper Costume From Home - cardboard

by:SAFEKA      2019-07-29
How to Make an Awesome Star Wars Clone-Trooper Costume From Home  -  cardboard
This is one of the more challenging craft projects I have done with the kids, aiming to make a child's full clone soldier costume (including a helmet) with rigid cardboard ).Here's the final result and how it's done.Note: The box is solid gray.The Ply board is made entirely of 100% columnsConsumers recycle waste.
o all died-in-the-Wool Star Wars lovers, come here to find an authentic how-to-I am sorry to build the clone soldier armor guide with the included scale perfect template.This is designed to fit a 10 year old, so I don't recommend copying it unless you have a vertical challenge.The proportion of T is far from perfect;I work on photos.
So what you see here is a fair one.
to-A very short copy of the middle of a clone soldier's cover armor...Made of cardboard..And some other pieces I can find in the garage.Give the "awesome" button at the bottom of the page a heavy hit;If you can't find the awesome button or a good review.
Before continuing to read, let's listen at the opening of the Army's Imperial March;Fill in dum-dum dum, dum-dum.Damm, Damm-da...etc.Why are you taking on this project?I was asked what prompted me to start such a challenging project.What you buy online is rubbish.At least, what I can afford is.Love my son.He likes Star Wars...He is very excited (me too ).Really, really like to do things...Hear the buzz, "Did you really do it?Gave a pile of cardboard.
What do people do besides building cool stuff..When a person does not make any money, what can be done is amazing.His project needs to be planned.First of all, I watched a lot of clone soldier costumes online, downloaded detailed pictures for reference, and made measurements.
Then I reduced these to my son's size.
Using these measurements, I made the basic frame to build the armor.However, some parts do not need to do so, and it is better for parts that surround a part of the body to be assembled around the frame;This helps to keep symmetry.All frames are made of the same cardboard as the clothing.
He made the helmet for the longest time;Especially when the first attempt is made.As a prototype, this finished helmet consists of about 80 individual parts;Many of them can be merged together.Again, the first step is to transfer the wearer's measurements to a frame where the basic shell of the helmet is attached.
Getting the helmet size is a challenge.
I started measuring my son's head: the circumference above the eyebrows, the distance from the bottom of the chin to the eyes, the distance from the eyes to the top of the head, etc.I used line 2 to capture the shape of his head.Based on this, I created a frame to temporarily place key components and create a dome on this frame.
-Once you have the perimeter, cut the wire into that length, then bend the wire on the head to capture the basic shape, lay the wire flat on the cardboard and mark it on the shapeAbout 10mm so the helmet won't be too tight.Many parts are made by simply cutting a piece of cardboard until I find the right size and shape.Methods and papers;Beat the pulp paper into a very smooth consistency with a mixer.
The dome consists of a cardboard base, using a paste on the cardboard base to get a more precise shape, and smoothing with a thin layer of super filler.Finally, a blue LED light was installed;This was taken from the back of the "Mohawk.This project is going on and my scope of work has expanded.
Until things on the kitchen table need to be rearranged in the garage;Half of them became manufacturing plants for clone troopers.There are more than 20 separate works, and sometimes I'm doing six at the same time.I cut, fold, roll, assemble, Polish, paint other glue when the glue is dry on one.
This is a project that has just been busy.That is to say, it is also a good time to be with the children.My two youngest children (8 and 10) both moved their handmade tables into the garage and we spent many hours together;Even moving on the sofa in the lounge, we can hang out in a comfortable setting.
At the end of the day, the rest of the house was ignored and my wife lived on the sofa and even ate was great!He put on his clothes and took a pile of cardboard (cardboard, cardboard) attached to my waist ).I think this is more than 200;200x280mm each.
There are two levels of 1800 and 1400 gsm.Glue (a pile );Cloth in white and black (stolen from my wife's sewing basket );Velcro;Miscellaneous: rivets, clear plastic for helmets, LED lights for helmets, various plastic fragments, vinyl.A lot of white paint!Ny jobs get easier when using the right tools, and I can even say that they are necessary for such projects.
Razor with lots of spare blades (absolutely necessary );You need them.High speed rotating multi-colorIt is a hand-held power tool with a rotating tip that can accept various accessories for different tasks.O, while it took a lot of planning, patience and time, the result was the quality/quantity of time spent with the child (and wife), which was a great gift for my son, have a feeling of something worth doing.
..Now my daughter wants one.
..So it went back to the garage.
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